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I would like to lose weight fast, any suggestions?

I’m planning a trip out to Mexico, I have 2-2 1/2 months to lose weight, I know it wakes time to lose it so I’m not planning to do it at the last minute. I’m playing lots of DDR and eating a lot less junk. Is there a fruit or a type of food that may have a type of protein that speeds up the metabolism? Or any tricks you may know? Let me in on this please!

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4 Responses to “I would like to lose weight fast, any suggestions?”

  1. Proogly said :
  2. flyingbee13 said :

    Spicy foods especially cayenne pepper helps speed up metabolism. Working out raises your metabolism which is why you’re so hungry after a good workout, I think it’s good to eat after a workout as opposed to before so that you’re eating while your metabolism is higher. Meat, eggs, and nuts are high in protein. Also try morningstar foods, the meat tastes the same but it isn’t meat, it’s made with soy. They have corn dogs and other stuff, and it pretty much tastes the same but is way better for you. If you’re cutting out a lot of food, definitely take some vitamins every day.

  3. Zoe R said :

    High fat, low carb, high protein…melts right off.

  4. Enterprise said :

    Exercise more. DDR is an ok way to lose weight but you’d have to play A LOT of it to lose a significant amount of weight. How much do you want to lose? If it’s over 10 pounds you probably need to do more than the DDR. Trying joining a gym or running outside for an hour or more a day. If it’s under 10 pounds I guess keep doing what your doing. I’ve tried the DDR to lose weight before and it helped a bit but not a huge amount. Stay away from all treats, junk food and pop and that’s cutting down on a lot of weight right there. Drinking a lot of water helps fill some of your hunger cravings and chewing gum works too.

    Two tricks I do to not eat as much is:

    1) Eat slowly. It takes a little while for you’re brain to register that you’re full. Eat more slowly so you don’t over eat.

    2) Drink one glass of milk before eating meals. It’ll help fill your stomach so you won’t eat as much as you normally would have.

    Hope this helps, good luck!


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