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What would you like to Lose weight fast, healthy or not. 1 month to lose 20lbs or more?ask?

So i’m joining the army and i leave in a month for training. i’m 20lbs over the limit and i REALLY need to lose the wait or i screw up my plan for college. Any suggestions healthy or not and if you suggest running please suggest a schedule or a free website…but please don’t suggest running o and i don’t drink anything but water

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2 Responses to “What would you like to Lose weight fast, healthy or not. 1 month to lose 20lbs or more?ask?”

  1. Bieber Baby<3 said :

    healthy good luck

  2. Andrew C said :

    Stock up on fruits and vegetables– those have very few calories and DO taste good! 😀 Drink water instead of soda or juice. Try to eat whole wheat and potatoes. Those will keep your hunger at bay and not make you crave foods. Oh! But if you DO find yourself craving foods, have a small portion of it, don’t try to avoid it completely, because the craving will only get stronger. make sure to pay attention to portion sizes too. it helps if you portion it out into a bowl that way you don’t find your self eating too much at once. or even portion out your snacks a week in advance so you don’t over eat. also you could record what you eat in a journal. calculate the total number of calories you eat per day and determine if there is any junk you can cut out. aerobic exercise such as running, swimming, biking, or gymnastics is a great way to loose weight as well! good luck to you!

    remember: to lose weight you need to have a good diet AND exercise program having only one will not do you as much good as having both! 😀


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