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Easy way to lose weight fast any suggestions?

I am 16 female. I am 165 lbs. I am 5’4 and i don’t like gaining weight so i want to lose at least 15 i dont care how long it takes but any suggestions help. on mondays i dance for an hr and a half and thats basically all the exercise i do other then walking from class to class every day or the occasionally dancing i do around my house. I like all kinds of food other then red meat! Help as much as you can please? Thanks! 🙂

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8 Responses to “Easy way to lose weight fast any suggestions?”

  1. Sophia R said :

    Defentaly Drink GREEN TEA. i’m 15 &When i Was 14 i Weighed 135. &i Wanted to Get Ready for Last Summer So i Drunk Nothing But Green Teaa, &Rarely Juices *No Soda*. Btw, Green Tea is SUPER Good. &i Would Walk Every Aftertoon for about 30Mins-1Hour. Now i Weight 107, 🙂 Green Tea Works.

    &it Only Took a Month or Month &A Half. Not too Longg, 🙂 it Drops Weight Quick. Everyone Asks What i Used.
    &i Only Ate When i Was Hungry, Not Bored. &Eating When Bored is a Main Problem to Gain Weight,

  2. automobilie said :

    Eat less than 2,000 calories a day. Exercise works up an appetite, but only burns a few hundred calories.
    The professor in the link ate nothing but Twinkies (And a can of vegetables for fiber and the things twinkies can’t provide) for 10 weeks. He lost 27 pounds, but the rule was he could only have 1,800 calories a day.

  3. Callie said :

    There’s only two ways to lose weight – cut down on calories, or burn calories with exercise. By combining both, you’ll lose weight a lot faster! Also, 150 lbs is a good goal weight for you right now. Not only will you likely find yourself feeling ‘skinnier’, you’ll also feel a lot healthier!

    I reccomend eating 1800 calories a day. That’s a pretty basic amount for most teenage girls, and won’t leave you hungry, but won’t leave you gaining weight (even if you’re unactive). On days that you dance, allow yourself to eat 2100 calories.You’ll still be losing weight, but will also have extra calories to give you extra energy!

    As for what you should eat –
    6 small meals a day is what most dietitians would reccomend. This is easier said than done though!

    For breakfast, try eating one item from each category;
    1 – toast OR a muffin OR a bagel OR whole grain cereal
    2 – egg OR ham OR two large table spoons of peanut butter
    3 – a large 100% juice (no added sugar) OR a piece of fruit

    For an “early morning snack” try eating one item from each category:
    1 – yoghurt OR milk OR cheese slices
    2 – almonds OR peanuts OR trail mix (nuts and whole grains only!)

    For lunch, try eating one item from each category:
    1 – ham sandwich/wrap (on whole weat with cheese and as many veggies as possible) OR turkey sandwich/wrap (on whole weat with cheese and as many veggies as possible) OR tuna sandwich/wrap (on whole weat with cheese and as many veggies as possible) OR chicken sandwich/wrap (on whole weat with cheese and as many veggies as possible)
    2 – any vegetable with dip (the dip isn’t important, but can make veggies a lot more appealing!)
    3 – milk OR chocolate milk

    For your “afternoon snack”, try eating one item from each category:
    1 – any piece of fruit
    2 – yoghurt OR a glass of milk

    For supper, try eating one item from each category:
    1 – whole wheat roll OR whole wheat bread/toast OR whole wheat pasta
    2 – potatoes OR chicken OR fish
    3 – any 3 vegetables of your choice. Try sweet potatoes, yam, turnip, squash, etc. People tend to forget about those vegetables, although many people love the taste more than “classic” veggies like carrots and broccoli.

    For a “evening snack”, try eating one item from each category:
    1 – any 2 pieces of fruit.
    2 – crackers (saltine, graham, etc)

    Try having a glass of water with every ‘meal’, even if you’re already having a drink of juice or milk. Also try to avoid soda at all costs!

    Obviously that meal plan is a lot to ask of anyone, and very few people can follow it. Try following it to the best of your ability. Also, make sure you measure your portions so that your calories do not exceed 1800 or 2000 a day. I could eat nothing but healthy food all day, but if I don’t watch the calories I’ll still gain weight. It’s like that for everyone, sadly.

    Good luck & good health!

  4. Sten Assore said :

    The best way to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight is through changing your eating habits and exercising regularly.

    1. Choose whole grains.

    2. Drink plenty of water.

    3. Choose lean meats and fish.

    4. Know the portion sizes for your calorie target.

    5. Limit fats to an average of 15 grams per meal.

    6. Choose fresh fruits and vegetables whenever possible.

    7. Work out for no less that 45 minutes, 4-5 days a week.

    8. Select foods with less than 3 grams of fat per 100 calories.

    9. Choose pretzels, baked chips, fat-free popcorn instead of fries and chips.

    10. Avoid foods with partially hydrogenated oils, trans-fats and high-fructose corn syrup.

    11. Choose cereal, bread, crackers or chips that contain 2 or more grams of fiber per 100 calories.

    12. Choose fat-free or low-fat variety of foods especially when it comes to dairy products (milk, cheese, and yogurt).

  5. Owolabi said :

    If you want to know how to lose a lot of weight fast in the shortest possible time then follow the tips below.
    Literally speaking there are a lot of techniques you can use to get you
    seeing results in one week to ten days.
    Here are some personally tried and tested tips for losing weight as fast as
    the pounds can come off.

    1. Try aerobic exercise. Avoid spending too much time sitting in front of your TV or computer a lot more than 2 hours stay energetic. Instead, do at least 30 minutes of cardio or energy burning activities like running dancing, jogging, yoga, cycling and swimming.

    2. Eat lots of whole grain cereals and fruits for breakfast. You should try plenty of fiber-rich vegetables, beans and fruit.

    3. Restock your kitchen and freezer with healthier food choices and do not make a compromise if these healthy and fresh foods seem to be expensive

    I got this from ezine articles so please follow the source to read the rest of the
    article. I hope this helps

  6. Madalynn King said :

    I can see that like a lot of folks today you are struggling with weight loss. My livelihood as a personal trainer depends on my clients reaching their weight goals. both exercise and diet are important tools for you to reach your weight loss goals.

    I doesn’t matter how out of shape you are, you need to begin somewhere. No matter your physical condition, you need to check with your physician for clearance to begin exercising, you should start sooner than later. I found a site that provided very good guidance for those interested in losing weight, you can find it at the link below. You can try the program risk free, it has a 60 day 100% guarantee.

  7. Taitan Nike said :

    Most people would tell you diet and exercise more. Well I’ve got a way you can lose 40 pounds in 2 months. Want to know why!

    1. Set Up Realistic Weight Loss Goals.
    Don’t set a weird goal like 10 pound a day no.

    2. Drink Plenty of Water.
    Drink about 6-8 glass of water per day.

    3. Chew More Slowly when You Eat.
    If you eat 5 smaller a day you will accomplish your goal, but pleas don’t eat three enormous meal. That would actual get you fatter.

    4. Exercise at least 30 minuets per day.
    Pleas stay away from pills they could kill you, some pills could help but there is a few that do help. If you follow this correctly you will achieve your weight goal.

  8. Kafei Mao said :

    Switch from regular milk to 2%. If you already drink 2%, go down another notch to 1% or skim milk. Each step downward cuts the calories by about 20 percent. Once you train your taste buds to enjoy skim milk, you’ll have cut the calories in the whole milk by about half and trimmed the fat by more than 95 percent.


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