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I Need To Lose Weight Fast Within 6 Months?

I am 21 I Was in Iraq With the 101st Airborne Army and i got hit with an IED and i got shrapnel in my leg and foot but while i was recovering i gained 50 pounds and i need Tips on how to lose the weight i still walk and jog but the pain gets so bad in my leg and foot it hurts and i stop im So frustrated and i need help Any Anwsers Pls ?

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16 Responses to “I Need To Lose Weight Fast Within 6 Months?”

  1. Emily said :

    You can lose it really fast with the Sugar Busters diet. You don’t have to restrict, or count calories, or anything. I used it to lose 20 pounds in 3 months – you should really go buy the book, but the bottom line is trying to reduce or eliminate as much sugar as possible, as well as not eating things that metabolize straight into sugar. So you would have to check things like soups, canned veggies, spaghetti sauce, etc for the lowest possible sugar, as well as avoiding white pasta, white bread, white potatoes, corn, etc. But all that can be replaced with whole wheat pasta and bread, sweet potatos, and so on. It’s actually a really healthy and delicious diet, and you’ll probably find that you have a lot more energy.

  2. ? said :

    Check with your doctor first. Are you still going to therapy? Sounds like you need to start off slow and build up strength in that leg.

  3. lizzie said :

    Watch what you eat. Make fruits & veggies the biggest part of your meals & eat them first (they’ll fill you up). If you need a snack, grab something healthy, like fruit, or a protein bar. I start my day with a fresh fruit smoothie & a piece of wheat toast for breakfast. Lunch is usually a salad, and dinner I’ll have a little pasta or pizza & lots of fruits and vegetables. Chocolate covered strawberries make a good dessert/snack, as does fruit in milk (I usually add a little sugar too).
    For working out without pain, get one of those exercise bands. I got thrown from a horse & couldn’t really run or anything, and it honestly works. Since the resistance is your own body & its weight, it really does use your muscles.

  4. QuilterDame said :

    I saw the “Cookie Diet’ on Good Morning America this morning. It’s based on 1000 calories a day, they said it works but there was another Doctor saying it’s not good nutrition. But it worked.

  5. 2nice said :

    Rowing machines can be a good full-body workout that you don’t have to stand up for. That’s my best advice…also, when you do jog, if you use an elliptical machine instead of normal running it puts less of a strain and takes away the sharp impacts of your feet hitting the ground. That’s what I do when my bad knee acts up. Anything aerobic or active is good for burning calories, although the legs are the easiest way to burn lots fast. Patch in sit ups, push ups, leg lifts, arm extensions, and resistance training so you can stay active without flairing up your pain. Getting in training first thing in the morning and again before dinner is a good way to boost metabolism. And make sure you are eating as much whole, unprocessed food as possible while limiting sugar, salt, and saturated fat!

  6. Fritz John said :

    You have a choice of doing another 20-to-45 minute high intensity workout or you can do a 45-to-90 minute lower-to-moderate intensity workout and…
    Same as Monday, Wednesday, & Friday Evenings… You have a choice of doing another 20-to-45 minute high intensity workout or you can do a 45-to-90 minute lower-to-moderate intensity workout but…
    You should only do high intensity workouts (2 times a day) 2-to-4 times a week. Same as Tuesday and Thursday mornings

  7. Don't Trickle on Me said :

    You might try to get a HealthRider, you can probably get one used for not too much $$, check your local classified ads.
    The nice thing about the HealthRider is that you can put both feet on the pedals, but then you can put less pressure on your injured foot and leg, and let the other leg do more of the work, until your injured foot gets stronger. You can also let your upper body do more of the work. You just have to consciously take the pressure off your injured side. Just make sure to keep your back straight, only bend at the hips, to keep your back from getting strained.
    Good luck to you, and thank you so much for your service!

  8. concerned said :

    watch how much you eat and try to eat 500 calories less than your base metabolic rate. This is aiming for a weight loss of 1 pound a week. Weight loss is about burning more calories than you consume. So if you are less active you need to consume less. There is no trick.

  9. ? said :

    Hello to you.I am glad to hear your alright and recovering. To be able to exercise and not injure yourself further, I would definitely recommend light strength training exercises, using 2 to 5 pound weights for your upper body. Strength training speeds up your metabolism and it will burn calories for several hours. As far as eating, I currently drink protein meal replacement shakes, I drink four a day and also have 2 250 calorie meals and two snacks at 100 calorie each. I have lost 40 lbs in six weeks by doing this. You can eat 5 to 6 small meals a day to help you get the weight off. I also use a treadmill twice a day everyday so if you have access to a treadmill, use it instead of walking or running to prevent injury. At least you can choose a speed in your home that won’t injure you and you can take your time and still burn calories. If you don’t have a treadmill look on craigslist. I got one for only 25.00 and its like brand new. Good luck to you and take care of yourself.

  10. ? said :

    Can you swim? Swimming is excellent aerobic exercise with very low impact jogging, by definition, will jar your leg every time it hits the ground. No such problem with swimming.

  11. Corina said :

    We have great results on helping people to lose weight. We give FREE consulting and if you enter a program with us you get personal coaching and support all the way for your guaranteed results! You lose weight and than maintain it by proper healthy nutrition, you don’t have to count calories, you don’t feel hungry.
    Go to: and grab your free consultation.
    Hint: you’ll see a young man that lost 180 pounds in a very short period!
    It is possible to lose 50 pounds in 6 months, but we will determine together how much pounds you actually need to lose.
    We take only 15 people at any given period so if you want our program you better get your spot right now.
    Wellness expert

  12. Anna S. said :

    Follow this and see results.

    1. Get your attitude in check. A positive outlook is a great start to shedding the amount of weight you want to lose. Keep this in mind throughout the process.

    2. Look into gyms in the area if you haven’t already and select one that looks like a place you’d like to work out. Most gyms offer a free trial membership so you can see if that gym is the place for you.

    3. Begin a regiment of intense cardie at least twice a week for at least 45 minutes as well as a weight training program three times a week. This is a very important step as exercise is the key to weight loss.

    4. Research different diet options. There are a variety of options online as well as in magazines and commercials. The Special K Challenge is a popular diet option, as well as the Atkins program.

    5. Select a diet based on your needs and specifications. It’s important to pick a diet you are sure you can live with, because if you hate the diet it will be all to easy to quit. Programs like Jenny Craig are relatively stringent in their requirements. Some programs are also expensive and require you to buy specialized foods. The South Beach diet program is a relatively inexpensive program that is very popular.

    6. Stick with your diet and workout regiment. It takes time for weight loss to become visible and apparent.

    Good luck!

  13. ★Nicolette★ said :

    you should eat at least 4-5 meals a day.

    drink lots of water, and eat regularly. don’t starve yourself, because once you start eating again, you’ll gain everything back, trust me.

    eat lots of fruits and veggies, and if you eat bread, make sure it’s whole grain. white bread is pretty fattening. you can also eat lean meats, like fish, turkey and chicken breast. eggs also help when trying to lose weight.

    skip out on sweets, candy, sugary foods, chips, ice cream, cake, and cookies.

    if you feel hungry, but don’t want to over eat, chew gum. it’ll keep your mouth busy and it tricks yourself into thinking your eating.

    cut out ALL soda! if you stop drinking soda, it helps you out a lot!
    and don’t forget to exercise!

    try walking, jogging, jump rope, dancing, crunches, bike riding and swimming. try exercising for 45-80 minutes a day.
    good luck!

  14. Srtwet K said :

    Exercise, Exercise and Exercise Some More

    Exercising simply cannot be forgotten about when one wants to lose weight. The best way to lose weight is to burn off more calories than one takes in. This can be accomplished without dieting, as long as the individual is not consuming massive amounts of calories. Exercises such as jumping rope, swimming, skating or other fun activities really burn calories. The great thing is that these activities are fun so the individuals don’t feel as if they’re exercising.

  15. Bfdfgfd S said :

    Weight Loss Tip ) Eat More Meals

    A traditional three-meals-a-day plan just will not cut it if you are in the market to burn fat. Your body is not able to metabolize large meals and will quickly turn any excess into fat. Many experts believe you should eat six small meals a day. Be sure you cut back on your food consumption at each meal, or else you will be doubling your intake—and doubling your fat storage!

  16. Tells S said :

    Reward Yourself

    When it comes to successfully dieting to burn the most fat, be sure to reward yourself. Everyone has temptations and favorite treats—so allow indulgence. You will be less likely to cheat on your new diet if you grant yourself small rewards. If you are a chocolate lover, treat yourself to a small square of chocolate or single chocolate kiss each evening.


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