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What are some fun exercises to lose weight?

I really need some exercises to lose weight.
I can never stick to a routine of exercise, and that’s a problem for me.
I’m really motivated to lose some weight though.
What are some sun ways to lose weight, like dancing?
And what are some steps to dancing for losing weight?
I cant dance ^_^

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11 Responses to “What are some fun exercises to lose weight?”

  1. SgtShamy said :

    laser tag
    paint ball
    water polo

  2. ♥bec♥ said :

    wii fit—->rocks

  3. Hanna L said :

    wii fit.
    it cost like 100$ though

  4. KD :D Go Leafs? said :

    well. u don’t have to know how to dance to dance. just do some crazy moves on some good beats! LOL! as long as ur by urself!!!

  5. est.nineteen_78 said :

    you can walk around the block and make it fun by listening to music- clean your house while blasting the stereo. do little things, and yea, sex… lol

  6. Pёnёlopё №2 said :

    try going to your local swimming pool. you don’t even have to swim! just go there with your buds AT LEAST once a week, and be sure to get your hair wet and take a shower there! before you know it, by february (if you keep on going swimming at least once a week) you will totally lose 10 lbs!

    or, when talking on the phone, don’t just sit around, walk around!

    or # 2, everytime, let’s say, you weigh yourself, do 5 jumping jacks or something!

    good luck!

  7. shredder said :

    stick a toilet pluger on you head to its out infront of you, tie a peice of string to it with cake on it and get on a treadmill and run for that cake!

  8. Ddjj D said :

    Pilates, Belly Dancing & Ballet

  9. needurhelp said :

    have you ever heard of the p90x?

    its a bunch of intense workouts that get your heart pumping and every time i do them i can feel the after affects for days!!

    you don’t have to have anything to do these workouts exept the arm workouts which i don’t think you’ll be doing so although the site shows really buff guys, girls can do it too. Me and my cousin always do the workout. She is 20 and im 15.

  10. HaK, the Pansexual Panda said :

    lol, i can’t dance either, but i just put on random music and do random stuff in my room by myself. it’s fun, and no one’s watching so it’s not all that embarrassing or anything. i’ve lost a lot of weight doing it actually, that and eating better. lol. ^_^ swimming’s good too. ^_^ u could sign up for a dance class or something. karate as well, any kind of sport u can think of.

  11. mansionghost said :


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