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what are some exercises to lose weight fast?

so its my engagement party next month and i want to loose 10 pounds. plz tell me any exercises which do not have to b done by any devices. and which will help me loose my weight fast. may b not 10 bt around 7 is achievable!! and i am on a good diet rite now. thnx
p.s im a 20 year old female.

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8 Responses to “what are some exercises to lose weight fast?”

  1. Sarah said :

    The classic ones are always the best
    eg. jogging, biking, pushups, sit ups, stretches… etc

  2. Naked Avenger said :

    10 pounds in a month? Perhaps you’re a bit too worried about your weight, eh? Just eat healthy, cut out fast food and sugary drinks, and stay active. Easy enough. I wouldn’t worry about what the scale says so much, as it can be a bit deceiving.

    A fit male who works out and weighs 150 lbs will look different compared to un unfit male at the same height who weighs 150 lbs.

    I’m sure the same goes for a woman. You probably don’t even need to lose the weight…

  3. Megan said :

    Run like 5 times a week for an hour each and you’ll defintly loose the weight as long as you keep up with your good diet… im not sure how much calories you would be burning off exactly cuz everybodies body is different depending upon weight. I weigh 95 lbs and when i run on the tredmill at the gym at 4.2-4.8 mph for 5 minutes i burn about 30-50 calories. So in an hour you could estimate about 450 calories. Heavier people burn more calories.

  4. forget me not said :

    cut your calorie intake down! also, you can shed some easy weight and feel better by drinking 64oz+ water a day–you’ll have results in 3 days by doing that and cutting calories! (i limit myself to 1200 a day.)

  5. Hello said :

    Do not be a couch potato. It is the easiest thing in the world to become a couch potato. You know what we are talking about don’t you’ That shapeless thing that sits or reclines on a shapeless chair in front of the television and stupidly munches away at something fried! If you are inclined to become a promising old couch potato, break the habit, cut at the very root of the vine. And you want to know what the best way is for that’ Take away that favorite chair of yours. In fact, it would be a very good idea if you could keep a chair that isn’t too comfortable in front of the TV. This will discourage any tendency to become a couch potato.

  6. Vfhryh S said :

    Stop using remote controls. Remote controls are the bane of a prospective weight loser. They may be remarkable gadgets by themselves but from the weight loss point of view, they just aren’t very helpful. They really encourage us to take a laid back kind of attitude towards life itself. In fact if remote controls were not there, the television would not have become so popular. It is because of remote controls that people can remain where they are and switch from one channel to the other. And they only have to twitch a finger muscle to achieve this. Now, I have nothing against multi channel television sets but what I strongly advocate is that you get up from where you are and change the channel of the TV each time you want to do so. The same thing holds true for other remote controls as well. As it is we have remote controlled TVs, DVD players, A/Cs, garage doors, gateways and what not. The next thing we know is that we will have remote controlled people as well.

  7. ? said :

    If you have a banister rail or a balustrade that will support you, sit on it and pump your legs as if you are riding a bicycle, taking care not to fall off of course. This might sound like another crazy idea and I don’t want to argue with you about that. I just want to tell you that by doing such crazy things, you are in fact not missing a single chance to lose those extra pounds. It is a way of keeping your mind alert all the time. Every thing must look like an opportunity to you.

  8. Sfgwe S said :

    Join a dance class. Dancing is a wonderful way to burn off those extra calories. It is true. When you dance you are in fact burning away a lot of calories. Of course we are not referring to the slow ballroom kind of dances in which one person actually leans on the other one for support. We are talking about fast dances. The best way to do it is by joining a dance class because they will really wok you out. But I would suggest that you wait for a couple more pounds to vanish before you think of becoming a ballerina.


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