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what are some good exercises to lose weight really fast?

i am looking for some specific exercises to lose weight really fast. i dont like running and i dont have enough money to go to the gym. i just really want to lose weight fast! please no lectures or rude comments!

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3 Responses to “what are some good exercises to lose weight really fast?”

  1. slipstream said :

    Bike riding is a great lower body workout – and it’s a perfect time of year to do it. Make sure to work out the rest of your body as well. Sit ups for the abs, push ups for the upper body. That will give you your cardio and endurance. Sorry, there is no “really fast” weight loss exercise (believe me I wish there were 🙂 Losing slowly is more healthy for your body and your are more likely to keep weight off that way. Exercise has to become a way of life for you if you really want to get in shape and stay in shape. Take it slow and build up stamina so you do not injure yourself.
    Good luck!

  2. beccalee said :

    eat celery. its like negative calorie food.

  3. Emma said :

    Buy an exercise bike. Or if moneys a bit tight, a skipping rope. Anything to get you moving

    Drink heaps of water and eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegies. It’s suprising what a difference changing your eating habits can make along with some exercise. 30 Min’s a day is the best!

    Good Luck!


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