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Whats a really good way to lose weight fast?

My husband and i are really busy people and rarely get time to do much to ourselves. With a baby, dog, cat, and work. And suggestions?

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7 Responses to “Whats a really good way to lose weight fast?”

  1. Terence said :

    Phentermine – a diet pill.

  2. Tim H said :

    A good diet, also if you have a dog go take it for a walk for some exercise.

  3. Bagel said :

    Well losing weight takes time. Just watch your calories, sugars, and carbs for one. And take smaller portions at meal times. If you snack alot try to cut down on them or if your hungary eat something healthy. At night time before you go to bed do some stretches and some exercises or you could even take a family walk after dinner each night of the week. All of this will help you slim down some. 🙂 Good luck

  4. indian said :

    i think the best way that i use it is just eat once a day!

  5. a_deer.hunter said :

    in reality there is no good way to lose weight FAST, other words there is no healthy way to lose weight with speed it takes time disipline exercise and self motivation, no pain no gain, stay away from diet pills and medicines, my aunt was crazy obcessed with losing weight she took pills and well she end up in a hospital, there no good,try running and swimming the best work outs in the WORLD trust me it works in the Army lol

  6. D-a said :
  7. Devchonka said :

    Yeah all u need to do is dont eat any sweets, bread, dont drink any sodas and dont eat after six! oh and plus just move around more than u usualy do!


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