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How can I lose weight quickly without the routine being to intense?

Last February, my closest and best friend moved to another country. I’m a very shy person and didn’t really have any other friends. I was very depressed when she moved especially after she stopped contacting me. The stress has caused me to put on some weight. Now things have gotten better and I was wondering is there any diet or exercises that isn’t too intense but has great results especially in the stomach area?

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3 Responses to “How can I lose weight quickly without the routine being to intense?”

  1. Tankies said :
    refer to the fat loss n tummy tight tips given in
    the above link.
    its an effective website

  2. Patches said :

    Stop eating sugar and grains.
    Eat more vegetables, low sugar fruit and lean protein.
    Drink plenty of water.
    Do sit ups and ab crunches.

  3. psu said :

    Sorry about your friend moving away. About your weight problem, there are many ways you can lose weight without a serious problem.
    First, try to consume less calories on a daily basis. This can mean simply instead of having a Chocolate bar, have a nut bar which is much more healthy for you.
    Next try to go to the local gym and run on an elliptical for half an hour. This burns calories which losses weight in the long run, but it will make you more fit. It can also be a way to make friends to run with.
    Third try out the i have attached, it is a detailed site with many different diets available and ways to lose weight.
    Hope i helped and good luck!


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