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How can i lose weight quickly without any medication?

i have to get in shape for the end of june but i cant take any medication for that… i dont know wat to do … i eat healthy like broccoli and vegtables but it still doesnt hep…..i have to get in shape for a school field trip to the beach and water parks……i just dont want to look chuby …….

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6 Responses to “How can i lose weight quickly without any medication?”

  1. jensilver77 said :

    the key is to balance what you eat with exercise, eat healthy and then exercise so that you are burning calories. easier said then done i know, but good luck! try joining a gym or working out at school.

  2. Emilerz said :

    work out…alot!

  3. XxX Bubble Gum XxX said :

    Well, join a club and work out about 1 hour a day, and if you have problems keeping that routine you can buy herbal teas and other natural ingredients which speed up your metabolism. Make sure you read them carefully, you can get these from any chinese remedy shops they work really well. And are completly natural foods which encourage weight lose. In a whole i lost about a stone in a month when i drank the herbal teas.

  4. violet h said :

    you have to make sure you eat healthily every meal, every day. if you find it hard to cut treats out of your diet at first, do it slowly, step by step. try to eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, and plenty of foods rich in fibre. you need to exercise as well, maybe try to go for a 30min walk/jog every day? that will really make a difference. dont do anything too drastic though, make sure you are careful. good luck!

  5. Sharon W said :

    Hi my name is Sharon,

    I have been helping people lose weight for a long time.

    I currently have 6 ladies on my program. The first week results in lbs are Jamie 6.5, Lou 7, Cecelia 9, Tammy 7 and Jessica 6. Their ages are 18 – 47. This program uses a great combination of foods that will give you results and I show you what to eat. You choose the things you like.

    The program is a 3 week program and you can lose up to 24 lbs if that is your goal. The program does not use drugs of any kind.

    I usually help girls that are getting married and want to lose before the wedding. I have also helped girls before spring break and currently prom.

    You can discuss the program with your parents. If you want to reach me by phone let me know and I will provide my number. I am in Arkansas

    I have a website that I am building to market the diet. You can see the program at

    Send me an e-mail if you have other questions or decide to use my program. That way I can send it to your email and you can get started ASAP.

    Thanks Hope your field trip is great.

  6. sanjana said :

    Here are the great weight loss tips about diet and weight loss exercises…


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