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How could I lose weight quickly without going to the gym?

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3 Responses to “How could I lose weight quickly without going to the gym?”

  1. loosepink99 said :

    Alright, heres a good way to lose weight although no the healthiest one. CUT LUNCH OUT OF YOUR DIET! just skip lunch completely and stay active. nothing after 8pm either except water

  2. The January Kid said :

    1. Don’t eat junk food
    2. Do some sort of cardio atleast 30 minutes a day ( running, biking, swimming
    3. Eat well portioned meals….. Never over eat.

  3. Anonymous said :

    You need to consume 1200-1400 calories a day, as well as having a nutritionally balanced diet, meaning healthy fats (mono and poly-saturated ones, they’re in things like salmon and almonds), complex carbs (the “good” ones from things like sweet potatoes, bananas, and whole grains), as well as two to three servings of protein a day (a portion is the side of a card-stack.)

    Water has also been shown to actually help weight loss because it quickens your metabolism, meaning you burn more calories even just sitting down. Also try drinking green tea or black coffee (it must be black; milk and other add-ins taken with your coffee cancels out the metabolism inducing properties.)

    Eating small meals every three or four hours will help with metabolism too, and to get all your fruit and vegtable servings, have a small salad and a piece of fruit twenty minutes before every meal; this will make you consume less at the meal. Eat until your full. Stop eating when your full. Seriously. Btw, you can have unlimited vegtables, and a lot of fruit. Carbs though, should be the size of your fist when it’s rice (brown) or something, and keep in mind that one slice of bread is a serving (put only one on sandwiches.)

    This will help you successfully lose one or two pounds a week. For three or four, try at least half an hour of cardio a day. Seriously. Go to the gym; that’s the only way you can have a toned and healthy-looking body. You can be skinny and still look crappy.

    Also try three or four strength training sessions a week as well, this’ll help shape your body up.

    And just a note, all celebrities and models exercise. Muscle is hot. Suck it up and go to the gym.


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