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How do I lose weight without going hungry?

I’m 5’7″ weigh 260 lbs. How do I lose weight without becoming hungry? I cannot exercise that much because I have anxiety of going outside. What should my diet be?

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12 Responses to “How do I lose weight without going hungry?”

  1. musicalflight said :

    Stop eating the foods containing alot of fat, and replace it with low calorie snacks (such as fruits and vegtables) which you can eat throughout the day.

  2. sherr375 said :

    Eat items high in fiber. That will make you feel full faster. Drink lots of water.

  3. nanny411 said :

    eat lots of fruits and vegetables/salads. Lean meats like chicken and turkey breast and fish and whole grains. You can definitely eat plenty and not be hungry if you just load up on veggies. Try to move around as much as you can inside your house- order some videos online- like Walk Away the Pounds, which is done basically in one place. Good luck!

  4. multi-functional said :


  5. Edg1 said :

    You might have some success with the Atkins diet or a modified version. Basically you just eat less food during the day and try to move as much as possible so you are running at a net loss. Eat small amounts through the day and nothing for at least two hours before bed time.I know what you mean, I am 5’9″ and weigh 230. I am disabled and CAN’T move much. Arthritis and cervical stenosis keeps me down much of the time.Eat fruit for snacks instead of any candy, soda or chips.Good luck

  6. drgabby93 said :

    The trick to losing weight is to find a snack that you like.Make your own healthy trailmix. Buy walnuts ,almonds ,cashews (they can’t be cooked in any kind of fat so i suggest you get them raw and toast them in the oven buy yourself for 5 min) and raisins (for the sweet tooth or dried peices of apricots anything switch it up so you don’t get bored.). make portions in baggies for the week. And before you leav eyou house take a baggy. don’t take two bags or 3 only one and eat when you get hungry. A a daily meal should be…..
    BREAKFAST : 1/2 cup of oatmeal with fresh squezzed orange juice.or plain yogurt( to sweeten use honey) healthy granola and a serving of fruit)

    LUNCH: someting heavy like soups ( pea,lentil,chicken,etc) or beans .lunch should be your main meal of the day. always have a portion of meat( the size of your fist) with that.

    DINNER: a salad(something light). with lots of vegtables ( tomatoes[i know its a fruit] , avocodoes , cucumbers go all the way) and change the dressing so you don’t get bored through out the year.

    And your snacks should be that baggy of trail mix that you have on the go at all times.

    Also wait 1 1/2 -2 hrs before going to bed after you eat your last meal.

    on Weekends you are allowed to do a small cheat. and just because you cheated alittle doesn’t mean you go the rest of the day cheating.

    also you do need some excersise so when your watching tv when the ocmmerical comes on start doing jumping jacks. they help alittle.

  7. Kristina A said :

    My friend I am in the same boat as you except I have a sick child that can’t be outside some days. I drink lots of water (that will also help with the water weight gain) and exercise to video (don’t laugh but sweating to the oldies is fun). Also go to that helped keep me with the correct path. Another thing is to have a friend whom you can talk to your spouce or close family will not be very helpful because you are always “beautiful” in their eyes.

  8. Brunette Reset said :

    you need to eat healthy like fruits veggies and only 1700 calories a day and you don’t have to go out side to exercise.
    do some crunches and if u live on a 2 story house go up and down the stairs run around in an open spaced room and drink lots of water and no soda unless its diet.

  9. Gemzy baby said :

    Hm, i just told someone else to make a giant bowl of a salad every morning filled with all sort of tasty bits like chicken or prawns and to flavor very well, then snack on it all day.

    The salad usually is the thing that fills you up since it is a water based veggie and always play and mix up what you decide to put in you salad that morning.

    just an idea, i lost 10 pounds doing it and felt more alert.

  10. APK said :

    Unfortunately, you’re going to feel hungry from time to time if you go on a diet. Just take it a day at a time. Thinking about long-term dieting could be discouraging and downright depressing. I keep a food diary and I write down EVERYTHING I eat. I would try to keep my calorie intake to 1200 – 1400 calories. I’ve heard that we sometimes mistake thirst for hunger… try drinking a large glass of water when you feel hungry, then wait 30 minutes or so. If you’re still starving then, have a healthy snack. Here are some of my favorite foods when I’m watching my weight:
    Fiber One Cereal Bars
    Special K Red Berries Cereal
    Smart Ones (Weight Watchers) meals… the Ziti Marinara is actually really tasty.
    Fresh vegetables like carrots and celery. Pickles are a good low-cal choice too.

    Good luck! Just remember to take it a day at a time and drink lots of water!

  11. aquadanceangel said :

    u should stop drinking soda and eat veggies and fruit and get on a exercise bike and ride!!!!!!

  12. j6mmu said :

    You can always do exercises at home, find the right one for you and stick with it. Also, eat healthy and drink plenty of water. This diet program might be of help to you:


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