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How can I lose weight without going nuts?

I’m the laziest person in the world and have every excuse in the book why I’m overweight and can’t lose it. But now I think I NEED to lose weight for medical reasons and basically because I tired of being overweight. I do exercise about twice a week for 20+ mins. (I know that’s not enough.) What’s the best and safest way of losing weight? Any tips that actually work?

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6 Responses to “How can I lose weight without going nuts?”

  1. Max said :

    find something that you can make yourself do on a daily basis. Maybe bike to work or take a class of some sort that involves physical activity.

  2. Frederick said :

    Dieting is not easy, you need to focus on changing your mindset because that’s where we win or lose the battle. So start slowly and set some easy goals like cutting out sodas, follow that up with refined carbs like biscuits, pizzas and pies.

    Make sure you add some healthy food to your diet eat a couple of fruits a day and get more fresh vegetable, then start walking, 20 minutes a day will do, just something to speed up your metabolism.

    You will find that by being more upbeat, exercise and eating healthier you will be more energized. Focus on eating healthier not on dieting..

  3. simon said :

    try to bring the gym to your home.. i mean,, get some dumbbells you can work with while watching tv or try to do push ups before you sleep or sit ups maybe.. jump ropes are also good for sweating.

    these things if done on a regular basis are good, a little bit of this and that everyday..

    dont do too much for it might injure you

  4. Austin said :

    okay i know this couple that have a belt that they but around your stomach over your belly button and it sends electric shocks through your abdomen and does basically an artificial sit up. the cool thing about it is that you don’t have to change your daily habits at all, you just put it on for 20 minutes and wah lah within a week you start losing Weight its amazing

    what they have is called slenderton flex you can probably look for it on ebay

  5. Pink said :

    join the ymca they have so many different things u could do and u mite really enjoy it. and they have open door which means they can be based on your income and if u have kids u can take them with u and they could have fun while your working out i think its a win win situation try it and maybe youll like it im just like that lazy and dont like to leave the house but im joining the ymca for the summer and all during school time to im motivated to lose weight

  6. Candice said :

    counting calories is a good way to lose weight. it’s a pain in the ass at first but once u get to kno what’s in foods you eat regularly you can tell what’s a reasonable portion.

    I lost 40 lbs using it’s a free site where you can enter your weight and height and activity level (i put mine to sedentary/bed bound cuz i am also lazy and wanted to lose the weight fairly quickly)

    but you can enter in your activities for the day and the foods you eat and it’ll put it into a chart for you so you can see over the week (of 2 weeks.. month.. 3 mos) whether or not you’ve been taking in less than you’re putting out. it’s easy. u can eat (and drink!) whatever you want. just hafta keep track n make sure that you’re burning enough calories over time.

    it’s an oldschool method (i’ve struggled with weight all my life my mom gave me this old 70’s calorie counting book when i was 10.. she’s used it to maintain a size 8 till age 54 and we have the same body type.. i’m a 10/12 now.. i’ve been up to 18/20 in my pants). but i can honestly say its the easiest, healtiest way to lose weight.


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