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How can you loose weight without going on a diet?

I really would like to loose about 10-20 pounds fairly quickly and I want to know what kinds of exercises I should do for:
Any exercises you know about this stuff will be really helpful!!!

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9 Responses to “How can you loose weight without going on a diet?”

  1. paapaa said :

    can you play baseball without a bat and ball?

  2. Twilightcraazzzyy said :

    um… Weight lifting, running/jogging, jumping, biking…
    thats all i can think of right now, if i think of some more, i will tell you!

  3. Monica said :

    Eat healthy and exercise
    that’s not a diet. thats a healthy life style.

  4. happyhippee97 said :

    losing Weight is simple
    you can’t eat a lot,
    and you got to do a lot of exercise
    easy to say but not as easy to do 🙂 it’s the only way….

  5. Jimmy said :

    run and do 6 inches

  6. Patty Cakes said :

    To lose weight don’t lift weights… don’t need to add muscle, because that does not burn fat. You need to some cardio, because that is what gets your heart pumping and fat burning. Jog, use a treadmil or other workout machines at the gym, etc. The best kind of cardio to do is jump roping, because it gets your heart pumping fast instantly. You may be able to find a jump rope that counts how many calories you have burned. Do you drink regular soda? Switch to diet. Whole or 2% milk? Switch to skim. 2% is very close to whole. Instead of having a bag of doritos, eat some kettle corn. Buttered popcorn is full of calories, but kettle corn is sweet and lower in calories. Eat grilled chicken instead of fried, and cut the fat/skin off. Small changes like this will do a lot for you. DON’T use diet pills and don’t starve yourself. They are very unhealthy or don’t work. Don’t waste your money… healthy. Good luck!

  7. Brownie said :

    You should do both cardio and muscle training.
    Some cardio exercises are brisk walking, jogging, cycling or anything else that gets your heart rate up. Then you also want to do muscle training this is because the more muscle you have the faster your metabolism is. Even if you do both of these you must still have a good diet because the whole point is that you must burn more calories than you eat. So eat more fruit and fibre, but you must also have some protein which is found in nuts, beans and meats. I would suggest however sticking to meats with a lower fat content such as fish and chicken. You can find a lot of great healthy recopies from the internet. Just look it up on a search engine. Also cut out anything that is sugary of fatty.
    You should do about 1 to 1 and a half hours of training having a workout day, then rest day, then workout day…. you should do about 30-40 min of cardio and then work on those muscles.
    Go onto YouTube and search “stomach exercises”, “thy exercises” and any other exercises you want to do. There are tons of videos. Just take a look at a few and create your own workout.
    The hardest part of all this is not giving up just keep at it and never miss a workout day!

  8. ANNI said :

    You donot need to go on diet meaning stop eating one should never stop eating while reducing weight. Because you cannot stop eating forever and after stoping when you start eating once again you gain weight once again.

    Practise yoga for atleast half an hour.
    pranayam (breathing excercise – must for reducing weight)
    bhastrica – 3 minutes
    kapalbhati – 5-10 minutes v v important
    bhamya pranayam – 5 times ”
    agnisar – 5 times ”
    anulom vilom – 5-10 minutes
    bhramari – 5 times
    udgeeth pranayam – 5 times

    chakki chalan asanar
    mandook asana
    spread your feet in front of you bend our back and try to touch your feet
    lie down on your back bring your legs up at 30 degree wait few moments then bring it down do it with alternate legs
    then do it with both legs

    then again do the same at 90 degrees

    now move your clockwise and anti clockwise one leg 360 degrees start with 10 times then gradually to 20 – 30 times

    try with alternate legs then with both legs

    now move your legs as if you are riding a bicycle do it with alternate legs then with both legs clockwise and anti clockwise.

    when you get tired you can take rest by practising shava asana. corpse asana

    then stand up and practise tadasana stand up and reach your arm up while inhalng strech your arm up wait a moment come down while exhaling do it 10 times

    then bring out yr arms in front of you twist your waste and try to look at your back while inhaling then come to standing position again while exhaling arms streched in front of you keep your arms parallel to the floor. do it 10 times. clockwise anti clock wise

    spread your legs reach for the sky with arms above your head bend y
    our waste towards left while inhaling left hand grip your wrist and strech wait a moment then bring yoursellf upwrite do the same with right side but this time grip your left wrist with right hand. do it 10 times.

    touch your toes slowly by bending forward.

    after yoga after 20 -30 mts empty stomach drink warm water with lemon juice. after half an hour have breakfast.

    Buy a yoga cd of swamy ramdev he cured billions of people through teaching yoga. He brought a revelution in the world.

    all the best

  9. Alice xx said :

    I dont really think Im fat but I wanna lose weight and be thin like other people my age. I dont wanna go on a diet because my mum wont let me. I think we should all excersise more and drink lots of water xx


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