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How to lose weight without going on an extreme diet ?

I want to lose a little weight . Im not fat , and im a size 0 in jeans . I have a little extra flub on my arms and a tiny roll on my stomach , and my legs are a bit out of tone . I just want to shape up a bit before school , and not look like I spent my summer just eating . Thanks to anyone serious , and no fat jokes , I really am not ‘fat’ .

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6 Responses to “How to lose weight without going on an extreme diet ?”

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  2. mummy said :

    For what you’ve described, ‘diet’ is the wrong way to go. Because you’re already skinny and just want to tone up, if you lost weight you would only end up ‘loose’. For what you’re aiming for, you need to exercise. For the ‘roll’ on your tummy do 50-100 sit-ups a day (no more than that) and for your thighs, speed walking really helps, and maybe some crunches, also rope-skipping is awesome for cardio and your entire body!

  3. loveinthestratosphere said :


    (God I love phone-pranking them.)

  4. Mani C said :

    Your mind is the most power full tool you have so put it on cool mode &
    do some exercise with out taking any pain. After doing exercise see your self in the mirror it will increases your confidence and you will find an ultimate power in your self. To reduce weight. Check this site for use full information.


  5. ttl2 said :

    for some advice to losing weight avoid starch foods and food made with flour basically
    also exerscie at least 1 hour a day if you want to lose weight
    and then do some research to tone your body depending what you want
    and i think you need to stop eating biscuit it wont help you to lose weight

  6. Valerie Burke said :


    I weighed 145 but was very athletic and couldn’t shed the extra pounds. My goal was to get to 125 but everyone said I had the “wrong body type” to be 125.


    I wasn’t eating right. I did a program called the Secret to Lose Weight at which got me on a program eating right and losing weight consistently and healthily.

    Hope this helps–you can do it!


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