If I exercise but don’t diet will I lose weight?

I’m hoping to lose a bit of fat but don’t want to lose to much breast size.
I’ve read up and apparently you don’t lose your breasts from just exercise, you have to diet and lose weight too.
This seems like a silly question but it can’t hurt to check, if I exercised everyday and only cut out snacks (which isn’t really a full diet) will I still lose weight/fat or will I have to diet too?

I’m 16, 5 foot 3 and weigh around 10 stone…
Thanks for your help. 🙂

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6 Responses to “If I exercise but don’t diet will I lose weight?”

  1. Dillon said:

    depends how much u exercise and how much u eat
    Lot of exercise not that much crap food then yes u willl

  2. John said:

    Yes, I think that you will still lose weight.

  3. Adz said:

    depends on how hard the excercise is. in extreme condtions for example micheal phelps was eating something like 90000 calories a day in his intense triaing. but just doing lighter regualr excercises should help take some off

  4. Hannah said:

    You’ll lose weight, but it will take longer.

    Best of luck!


  5. Dan @ MyGymworkout.co.uk said:

    Weight loss is really simple, if you burn more calories than you intake you will be in a calorie deficit regardless of what form those calories came in,
    Start if you haven’t already some sort of exercise routine, whether thats getting yourself a nice gym membership or running with a friend in the park, exercise is really great for raising your metabolism which when looking to lose weight is a good place to start. Eat a healthy diet, thats 3 meals a day with snack, a snack being some fruits, yogurt or a cereal bar etc. Snack are essential not just a diet but normal eating habits as they keep your metabolism fired up and will stop you over eating at your next main meal.
    The answer i guess to your question is that you do not have to diet in order to lose weight, if your exercise is substantial enough that you have burned more calories than what you have taken in, you are ultimately going to lose weight.

    Hope this helps 🙂

  6. mona lisa said:

    You will providing you don’t eat junk food.


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