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I need to lose some weight fast, from my legs and my belly!!! What can I do besides running??

I have gained a little bit of weight since I bought my wedding dress. When I bought it I was a size 8 and now Iam a size 12! I need some tips besides a diet, and running, on how I could lose it before the upcoming wedding in November. Thx
If I start out with sit ups and crunches, what would the number of them i would have to do each day to see a diffrence.
What the H*** is an elliptical machine??

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7 Responses to “I need to lose some weight fast, from my legs and my belly!!! What can I do besides running??”

  1. jetli said :

    You can’t spot reduce only lose weight generally but with bodybuilding, you can sculpt your body.

    There are more diets than ever and more people dieting than ever and yet we have the fattest society ever. So a lot of these ideas about losing weight, make you fatter. Cutting calories, carbs and fats can cause you to have a weight problem for life. It is better to eat differently.

    See site below and learn why meat and non-fat yogurt are so fattening. Also salt has no calories but makes you fat. It also has the quickest weight loss possible. Eat good carbs not bad carbs. Nourish your body thin, instead of starving your body fat. Eat foods made by nature and avoid foods made by man which are designed to make you fat and very addicted to food.

  2. oneglook said :

    Go to the club and dance that shit off..

  3. Gemma said :

    Crunches and lunges!

  4. Melissa P said :

    How about an elliptical machine? Less stress on the joints than running, and I think more fun too. 🙂 Good luck to you!

    More info: elliptical trainers/machines are stationary exercise machines available at many rec centers or gyms. It is kind of like a cross between a stair stepper and an exercise bike–you stand on pedals that move up and down along a track somewhat like pedals on an exercise bike. The link I added below has a picture you can look at and more information.

  5. Livingwishingbreathing said :

    Healthy eating and exercising works!

    You can subsitute walking with running. You can also do jump roping, jumping jacks, jogging, dancing or anything cardio! Exercise at least 4-5 times a week for an hour, but give yourself a few rest days.

    For toning do crunches, sit ups, push ups, squats lunges, or if you have access to a gym that is even better.

    As for healthy eating, try to cut out all junk food, and soda. Replace all drinks with water. Eat lots of protein (chicken breast, turkey, fish, egg whites, wheat bread). Also eat lots of fruits and veggies. Aim for a caloric intake of 1200 calories. Eat three meals a day or six small meals a day. Make sure to get plenty of water!!

    Good luck!

  6. Mystic Renegade said :

    During high stress periods in our lives ( such as planning a wedding and getting married) we begin emitting an excess of a horomone called Cortisol.

    Prolonged levels in the bloodstream have negative effects and will:

    1. Lower your immune system so you’ll get sick faster than others
    2. Slow down your thinking
    3. Create blood sugar imbalances
    4. Raise your blood pressure
    5. Weaken muscle tissue
    6. Decrease bone density
    8. Wieght gain

    To ensure you stay away from dangerous levels of cortisol run from stress and flee those triggers that inject negative thinking. You may want to consider taking some Seratonin as a way to help conteract an abundance of Cortisol in your system. Most of all, find ways to relax and unwind, and stick with a good diet and exercie program.

    You will be beautiful and everything will work out just fine and even if there are mishaps on your wedding day, trust me, you will laugh about them together in the days to come.

    Good luck and congratulations.

    Here is a great link with some helpful information.

  7. jennylynn said :

    Here is a link to what an elliptical machine is:

    I, personally like running and if you aren’t used to running, start by running slow. You can run further, if you run slow and take walking breaks! Try to go 2-3 miles, with walking breaks. If you go too fast you will deplete energy too fast and get discouraged. Just doing crunches, is not going to help you lose weight. Cardio is what burns the calories and then add to your cardio by doing crunches (10 minutes or so), pushups, squats, lunges, etc.

    I lost 50 lbs or so running! I then joined a gym because I wanted variety and during the winter, it’s nice to have variety:) So I love the cycling (spinning) classes, they hurt your butt bad for a couple of weeks starting out but that goes away and gives you killer legs and helps butt and tummy a lot! I also love kickboxing classes (I started out doing tae-bo dvd’s) and hiking with my brothers. So, find some things you enjoy and just start doing something every day, or most days of the week. Watch what you eat as well and make little changes like no eating after 7 p.m., cutting out or back on sugar (like giving yourself one day a week to eat sugar and none the rest). Little things like that will help you and not overwhelm you because they are little changes. Work hard!!!!!! and you will do it!


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