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i need to lose weight fast. 10lbs in 2 weeks. i need to stand in for a friends wedding as her bridesmaid broke?

her arm. so i need to lose about 10 pound to fit into her dress. i dont care if i put the weight back on after the wedding so no lectures please. i jst need good tips and advice as i am crap at dieting….

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5 Responses to “i need to lose weight fast. 10lbs in 2 weeks. i need to stand in for a friends wedding as her bridesmaid broke?”

  1. motoko said:

    try the cayenne lemon maple syrup water detox. you drink this only and you’ll surely loose 10 lbs in 2 weeks. It’s just hard to keep up with it, no food for 2 weeks and just this drink…

  2. talim27 said:

    My sister-in-law had to lose weight fast to get into her bridesmaid dress. I think she just eat extremely small portions of salads and lean grilled meats 4 times a day and sure enough the dress fit much better.

    Also I would say up til the day before the wedding, drink a lot of water to trick yourself into thinking your not hungry.

    And finally, buy one of those pantyhose things that holds in your whole body. I have one that goes from my chest to my knees and I lose two jeans sizes when I wear it. You can find them in the underwear section of any department store.

    Good Luck I am sure you will look great.

  3. chatty rockstar said:

    well there is no assured way through which you can surely lose weight and taking pills may have side effects too. the only thing you can do is to contact a ayurvedic doctor . and also don’t forget to do yoga not at home but under proper guidance. It can really work wonders if you work hard.

  4. Dr Frank said:

    Do you see the box near the top of the page?
    The one labelled ‘Search for questions: ‘?
    Well type in ‘lose weight’.
    You will find over 15,000 preexisting questions.
    Try the misspellings ‘loose weight’ and there are another 5,500.
    In all there are over 50,000 Health section questions requesting solutions to being or thinking you might be overweight.
    On average these each yield 6 answers, that is over 300,000 answers.

    I can usefully summarise these answers in 4 words:

    EAT LESS DO MORE. Are you desperate enough to try this???

  5. Deborah T said:

    Hi lizzee.
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