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I just need a tip of how to tone my stomach & lose some fat from it first !!?

So, I’m 103 lbs. & 5 foot 1. Hm I have a belly :/ lol, I’m short I know 103 doesn’t seem like much. I just wanna know what’s an effective way to get rid of the fat so that I may start working on toning it. Thanks!

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4 Responses to “I just need a tip of how to tone my stomach & lose some fat from it first !!?”

  1. delly klopp said :

    Targetted weight loss is quite difficult, many people would state impossible, nevertheless I lost a few inches from my waistline by following the instruction on the web portal in the box below. Give it a try, their information is very down to earth!

  2. Natalie G said :

    First off, nix the junk food. If that’s too hard then just tone it down to maybe 1 or 2 junky things a day, but nothing big. We’re talking like a handful of chips or a ding dong. Next, go toba gym and hire a trainor, someone who’ll show you all the ropes. If you don’t wanna spend the money, then google and find some dofferent sit up tricks, methods, and styles. Be patient too, you’re not gonna get a Jeanine Michaels body overnight haha.

  3. ★Cloe☆ said :

    I had a belly problem too,i lost fat by doing crunches and situps everyday in the morning and going for a walk in the evening.
    and ofcourse a healthy diet plan.
    keep doing this for a few months.

  4. That-girl said :

    Everyone is different!
    This is what (always) works for me.

    1.Drinking plenty of natural tea. Hot. And especially before dinners and in the morning before anything else.

    2.Eating less. Nobody forces you not to eat but whatever you eat eat it less!

    3.If hunger takes over it’s always alot better to grab some veggie or fruit. No banana please!

    4. Exercise! Blah, I know! But you need to! If you are like me you would probably like some belly dance. I donno belly dance but I like the idea of learning. Bellydance (as well asplenty other forms of dancing especially sexy dancing!) really sculpts you into a feminine shape. I emphasize on this sort because this is AIMED at exactly that problem area: BELLY, hips, lower back, obviously waist too.

    Here are some vids to get you into action!

    Or if you prefer something other than bellydance here is sth else:

    5.Use a cream that has a tightening, anti cellulite effect. My personal favourites are Collistar and Shiseido brands. Massage, massage, massage! Don’t be lazy.

    6.After applying the cream wrap yourself with a plastic film you know the type you get in the supermarket for food. Thats right! Don’t worry it will stay put tight and you can wear it all night for a nice morning wake up!

    Good luck!


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