How can I lose some fat before the summer?

Im 15, 5 foot 5 and I weigh 127 pounds. But the problem isn’t how much I weigh, it’s the fact that my belly and thighs are a bit bigger than I would like. I don’t eat that much junk food and I always eat fruit and vegetables everyday. But I need to lose belly fat with out people noticing that i’m trying if that makes sense? My parents are always going on at me if I stop eating as much as I usually do. (I don’t stop eating, I just make the portions a little bit smaller) They’re convinced that i’m on a diet.
Any help?
Oh, and by the way there aren’t any swimming pools or gyms around because I live in the middle of nowhere!

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8 Responses to “How can I lose some fat before the summer?”

  1. Poopie Long Shanks said:


  2. alex said:

    Do sit ups and planks for like 20-30 mins a day. you dont need a gym for that. also jogging/running helps

  3. wendy_da_goodlil_witch said:

    if you think you’re eating well enough, the only thing to do is exercise. you can take long walks or ride a bike or do aerobics to a DVD or just put on some music and dance! your weight is just right.

  4. Kumo said:

    You’re fine. If you want to lose some fat, exercise that area. You don’t need a gym to exercise, Jesus Christ.

    Belly and thighs, then? For thighs, you can do squats or jog/run/walk. Thighs aren’t hard to exercise, just a pain to tone.

    For bellies, you can do some crunches/sit ups. They’re simple, but very effective.

    Remember to stretch both before and after exercising, and to do more reps/sets as you get used to your current ones.

  5. phenom said:


  6. Vavo said:

    Try doing alot of stomach excersises, and rest enough. When you don’t rest regularly your body releases a hormone that causes you to be hungry and gain alot of fat. Though if you are dieting then there is no problem. You may have to look for the genetics in your family. (ex: are they thin/fat)

    You can also shape your fat. Girls with skinny jeans will develop love handles due to all the fat being “squished” out and I have seen it. However if you use pants that reach up to ur navel and firmly hugs your waist, the fat can be evenly spread through other parts of the body.

    Hope it helps…

  7. positiverealist said:

    Reducing your intake of rice, bread, pasta and potatoes and cutting soda completely out will help. Now on to the belly and thighs. Righting horses helps if you have access cuz your thighs will get a good workout riding bareback if you can. Otherwise try some sort of activity where you stretch first and then get a good aerobic workout where your heart rate goes up for at least 20 min at least 3 times a week. (Make sure you don’t have any medical issues first) Anything over 20 min will start to put you in the zone where you can burn fat. It won’t happen all at once and at first you will gain a bit of weight because muscle weighs more than fat. Belly fat comes off last. If your intake is 2000 calories (units of energy) and your body uses 2000 calories you won’t gain and you won’t lose. So if you cut your intake to say 1500 which would be a healthy cut then you would start to lose some weight. Don’t skip meals because then your body will go into hunter gatherer mode and hang onto the excess weight thinking it might need it later. Eat your veggies in the morning more and your fruit in the afternoon since it processes better that way. Don’t eat meat an potatoes together since they both use a different stomach acid to process food. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day but don’t go overboard. I would say you would start toning up nicely quite quick. Like I said you might gain some weight at the beginning since muscle weighs more so don’t get on yourself about it. The change will take a few months of consistent working out. Get some of the Karate type or Dance type videos and work out to music.

    It does make sense so I don’t know when you can work out that others won’t notice. Walking is also good exercise but the belly fact needs to come off when your in your fat burning zone…as listed above. Good luck and I know you will do it because you seem like your determined.

  8. M. said:

    Start jogging. It is the best way to lose weight throughout your entire body. You can jog anywhere too, you don’t need a gym for it.


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