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i need help to lose some belly fat.!?

i want to lose some belly fat. i work out everyday 2 hours a day in the morning, everyday i work out differents parts of my body, i want six packs does going to the sauna help get them.. i also run. how long would it take to get abs. also, what are some good things (protein products) i could use ?

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6 Responses to “i need help to lose some belly fat.!?”

  1. Jandrea said :

    It sounds like your in a great workout regimen, but not targeting your belly which I know, is the toughest place! But try Pilates!! I totally believe in it.

    And a balanced, healthy diet, with plenty of water.

  2. drop_a_heart said :

    i flipping hate all those things like “try acai berry” “you will loose weight with this tea” oh just give it a break. anyways, crunches? i’m trying that. haha.

  3. Evo45 said :

    Cardio helps lose fat. Working out different body parts builds muscle. Six packs are built by eating protein and doing cardio in combination with ab workouts. Don’t work out every day. Your body will get used to it and you will stop progressing. Work out every other day, do cardio in between, and finish each work out with an ab routine. Switch it up every few weeks so your body doesn’t adapt.

  4. Mary freeman said :

    geez thats a long time, maybe you’re not doing the correct works out
    these work:
    billy blanks abs
    abs of steel
    kick boxing, running
    eat eggs, red meats (not cooked thoroughly, like a medium-rare steak)
    and just drink water

  5. Quicksand said :

    your abs is already there you need to burn the fat around it to appear fast you need to cut your food intake per day like eating small snacks in between your main meals like carrots and cucumber that will make the difference and for protein you can use the Reflex Nutrition One Stop is contain all the nutrition that your body and muscles need best of luck

  6. Dawn Best said :

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