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Hey guys, Can anyone help me lose some of this body fat?

I’m currently 122lbs, 14 years, and 5 foot 4. I want to lose some fat around my belly but i really don’t know where to start. Can anyone help here? My stomach seems to be getting bigger by the week.

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3 Responses to “Hey guys, Can anyone help me lose some of this body fat?”

  1. Anike said :

    Hello there. I have the same problem. And usually everybody thinks that by doing the ‘right’ workouts will target their trouble spots. However, to be truely honest with you. You cannot lose everything in one specific area. If you exercise and lose the weight and the fat, you will lose it all over your body. the fact with ab workouts is that it targets the muscles in your abdominal region below all the fat, so you are NOT burning any fat that you suspect. i would recommend you to run about 5 times a week having rest days in between and maybe you can join a sports team or go swimming. Do somethign that you’ll enjoy and help you get active and burn the calories and hoepfully the inches all over your body which eventually leads you to notice the change in you belly. =)
    good luck and have fun. that is all that matter.

  2. Health Guy said :

    Everyone has a problem spot. It can be around the stomach, thighs, arms or chest. No matter where your trouble spot is, the solution is exactly the same. You need to eat less and exercise more. The reason why there’s only one solution for all of these problems is because it’s impossible to tell your body where to burn the excess fat from.

    When you eat too many calories, your body stores the excess energy as fat in different areas around the body. To lose this fat, you need to create a calorie deficit (eat less than you burn) to force your body to start burning that fat for energy. There is absolutely no way to control where your body goes to find this extra fat.

    The larger your calorie deficit (a bigger calorie deficit means a bigger difference between what you eat and what you burn) the faster your body will burn excess fat and the quicker your body fat percentage will start to decrease. You can increase your calorie deficit by cutting your daily intake and exercising more. Sit ups will do nothing to target the fat around your abs just like squats will do nothing to target the fat around your thighs. You can read more about fixing your trouble spots at the Guide to Reducing Body Fat –

  3. Suzie Ganis said :

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