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how can i lose body fat?

ok so i got a little fat on my chest and stomach. im 6 foot and way around 150 something. people say i shouldnt lose weight but i do push ups and sit ups and its not making anything look better. how can i lose fat fast? what should i eat? what should i do? how long should i do it?

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4 Responses to “how can i lose body fat?”

  1. Anna M said :

    Eat plenty of raw food. If there is a Whole Foods store near you, that’s a good place to go. Cut back on cooked food. Especially sugar and carbs. Do plenty of walking. Regular sit ups aren’t much help either. If you want to lose weight, just set your mind to it. Leave a note on your door saying you will look good by eating right and exercise. Get plenty of sleep too!

  2. DrVIC said :

    is that 150 Pounds or Kg. If pounds then u are terribly underweight, if Kg then you need to go on a crash diet.

  3. Murad B said :

    eat a low calorie diet,low fat diet. get enough rest at least 8hrs and do cardiovascular exercise (basketball,run,jump rope,anything that will get Ur heart pumping) 3 times a week, start slow than work Ur way up.

  4. Pankaj B said :

    The basic fundamental getting fat is that the calories intake is more than the calories that you burn. There is no other way to get fat. Its quite possible that there is no effect of push ups and sit ups because the amount of calories that you burns are less than what you intake so check out you calories. Never skip breakfast. It is most important meal of the day. More fruits, less fats. All these are basic fundamental which you will get everywhere but always keep in mind that you have to burn more calories than you take. If you burn 3500 calories then you loose 1 pound. So you can figure out how much calories you have to burn to loose the desired weight. And it is recommended to loose 1 or 2 pounds a week.

    I hope the information is useful


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