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any ideas on how to lose some belly fat?

im a 15 yr. old guy
im not really fat at all .. people say im skinny…. but when i ben over or let my stomach lose i have a bit of a gut…. i want to build strong abs and lose that fat….. any ideas ways or techniques i can use to get rid of it…. im in good shape and an athlete…. i just want to 1 – 2 inches of of fat i have (1 roll) im 5’9 and 135 lbs …… im not really looking to lose pounds just some fat around my belll and get a six pack..

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6 Responses to “any ideas on how to lose some belly fat?”

  1. Spazzcat said :

    If your body fat is overall quite low chances are what you’ve got isn’t actually fat but just loose skin over untoned muscle. Working those abs will firm your muscle and in turn will help support your skin.

    I’m an absolute rake except for the fistfuls of “flab” I can grab on my belly which is actually just skin!

  2. BabeHeart said :

    You can’t burn fat from any particular area….when you do exercises to burn fat, those calories are burned from all over your body.

    You can target tone, and do ab exercises to firm and strengthen those muscles, so when the fat is gone they’ll look nice….but any cardio/aerobic exercise you do should help you to lose fat (wherever you have it).

    Look up ‘ab exercises’ online and see the different kinds there are, and what will work for you, with regard to getting that area toned and firm.

    Good luck!

  3. girismyfriend831 said :

    I wouldn’t get on a diet, because that probably wouldn’t have the effect you’re looking for. Just start running once a day and doing bicycle or regular crunches often. Make it into a routine, run a couple miles in the morning, gradually increase your number of crunches at night.

    Besides, as you’ve probably heard, we all have six packs, they’re just covered by fat. Running will reduce that fat, and crunches will tone the muscle. Good luck!

  4. rose ad said :

    start doing crunches
    it works miracles literally
    you’ll FEEL the difference in just a week.

  5. FitnessExpert said :

    Some very good workouts can be found here :

  6. Anna said :

    aerobics lose fat, strength training builds muscle. so. run. or bike. or dance. and also do abs strength training.


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