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how can i lose some fat? not just weight, fat.?

im not fat, but i have alot of it. my stomach and legs are chubby and i dont like it. im in colorguard and we do a bunch of ab workouts and ive gotten to the point where i can do 200+ full on crunches in a row. i have abs, but their hidden by fat, and my legs have alot of muscle but also alot of cellulite. i want to lose the fat on my stomach, and the fat/cellulite in my legs. my mom thinks im anorexic because of all the ab workouts i do, and i dont eat breakfast otherwise i feel nauseus all day. i eat lunch and dinner and i snack sometimes. i dont eat lunch at school because its so unhealthy but then i come home and eat something as a late lunch at like 230, and then eat dinner at around 630. im a 15 year old girl, im 5’6″ and i weigh from 125-130.
i really want to be at a solid 115-120. thanks (:

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4 Responses to “how can i lose some fat? not just weight, fat.?”

  1. Carlo said :

    If you have problems with weight do what I did – try acai berry. If you wish to lose weight its superfood qualities help a lot – nevertheless those same qualities in addition help those who are trying to bulk up. Great! There is a free trial going on currently at , try it, how worse could it make things?

  2. Shaylah said :

    you aren’t fat, stop worrying. I’m 5 ft tall and 115 pounds (and im not fat, you can look at my picture if you’d like). dont skip breakfast, when you don’t eat breakfast your body goes into starvation mode (where your body starts storing fat)… so the next time you eat, your body will store some of that fat. it doesn’t seem like a good mix. if you really want to loose fat, your best bet would be to eat a big breakfast, a light lunch and light dinner. this with excersise. but honestly, you shouldn’t be trying to loose weight. just try to maintain the weight you have, because it sounds like you’re fine.

  3. Kevin said :

    Hi there, I had a similar problem in high school (I’m a male, by the way) where I was in good shape but had some extra body fat.

    This is very important – do not, under any circumstances, starve yourself! You do not need to skip lunch or any meal to lose the fat; in fact, skipping the meals won’t even help, and can actually harm your body.

    My suggestion is to cut out any beverages with high fructose corn syrup, like soda or punch or even iced tea. Just drink water. Also, make sure that you eat because food is not your enemy.

    The key isn’t taking food away, but to add healthy foods that you might not be eating now, such as fruits and vegetables. For example, if you’re having a snack, have a banana or an apple to replace what you normally have.

    Eliminating unnecessary sugary products like soda will go a long way. A crazy diet where you’re starving yourself is not necessary.

  4. russianeskimo. said :

    I’m in colorguard too. What I do is eat an apple for breakfast, or whenever I get hungry. It has little to no carbs, and when you perform you burn all those carbs you would of gained by eating something else. I’ve also found that eating grains such as pasta or alot of bread before a long hot practice makes me feel very sluggish. I suggest having fruits with you all day long to snack on. If I were you, I would definetly eat breakfast. It actually makes you loose weight faster, eating at night makes it harder for your body to digest food making it all build up. Yuck. I would continue to do the ab workouts, and just eat plenty and plenty of veggies, milk, water, and fruit.

    I need to start doing this again. I have a duet with a guy in our colorguard, and I don’t want him to have trouble lifting me. Eek! (130lbs 5’10)


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