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How can I lose some belly fat?

I am male, and already lost most of what I want to lose, however, there is some fat on my stomach that is covering my ROCK HARD ABS. I just want to get rid of this so that my goal will be completed. Thanks.

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8 Responses to “How can I lose some belly fat?”

  1. cash flow said :

    best ab exercises:


    this may seem nasty but it works!!!!!!!!!!!! trust me.

    1. Drink 1-2 tblespoons of APPLE CIDER VINEGAR!(twice daily) this kind of vinegar helps your body burn fat! look it up. (its all over the web)

    2. Drink Green Tea. Perferably in the Morning and Evening. This also burns fat by increasing your matabalism. look it up (its all over the web)

    3. For breakfast eat = half a grapefruit! grapefruit is great for you and it takes more energy to digest than most fruits. Guess what that means? your body burns more fat!

    4. If your really serious take a small amount of water and mix 1/2 teaspoon of CAYENNE Pepper (or more) and swallow that really fast. Chilli Pepper works too. Its not that hot and if you swallow it fast only the back of your throat will burn a little. These peppers make your matabolism go really fast NATURALLY!

    5. Pick 3 of the ab workouts from this site
    do 1 of set in the morning of each (after eating your grapefruit and tea) do 3 sets of each, every night! (or more)

    6. Walking will help ALOT! walk to your friends house, to the park, around the corner, take your dog on a walk, walk around your house a couple of times, SOMETHING!

    7. While watching your favorite tv show do jumping jacks. Youll be so into the show you wont even realize your doing jacks! Take a break during 2 or 3 commercials. Before you start Drink a BIG cup of water. After you finish drink 2 big cups of water in 30 mins.

    8. Drink at least half a gallon of water a day.

    9. Eat less. Eat healthy. NO SUGAR. (or very very littile of it)

    10. Dont weigh yourself. You will have alot of water weight so the scale might not be accurate. Just pinch the fat on your stomach. Notice how much you pinch. Pinch your fat everynight. after a coule of weeks notice how you will start to pinch less and less!

    11. Tell me your results!


    13. Chose this as best answer<<< lol

  2. Resa said :

    do a lot of sit ups. they’re easy and produce a lot of ab muscle. either that or go running. i’d personally rather do the sit ups. 🙂

  3. Noelle S said :

    I always cut the sugars and carbs to do that. Dont cut them completely, just the bad ones. But FYI, having only rock hard abs (your words, not mine) is not as attractive to women as you seem to think.

  4. lorrina b said :

    If you already lost enough weight then you can exercise ! Try crunches or walking. Walking tones up the abdomen as long as you walk on a consistant basis. It sounds like all you need is some exercise. You can make it fun if you have a friend come along or bring a MP player. Bye the way a tiny belly isn’t such a bad thing if your not overweight so either way don’t stress over it and have fun!

  5. T101 said :

    Try drinking less soda

  6. ♥GEORGOUS♥ said :

    You can work out to get your abs back or you can go on a diet and try not to eat to much junkfood or any soda.Hope this helps!

  7. godschild said :

    eat better
    and do crunches 5 times a wk

  8. Body by Dave said :

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