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Im 13 and i want to lose some fat on my stomach?

Hey, um im 13.
Im not overweight but my belly has some fat on it and i really want to get rid of it badly. Whats a workout plan i can do? Like any Excerises? Please answer (:

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14 Responses to “Im 13 and i want to lose some fat on my stomach?”

  1. Jarohn said :

    You can get abs easily by doing crunches. Don’t bother with dieting. If you do a total of 100 ( 4 sets of 25) , you’ll get abs popping out of your rib cage in 3 months time.

  2. Justin said :

    eat healthy, cardio, crunches

  3. musiclova said :

    hmm…you could try sit ups. and jackknifes (which are sit ups where you lift ur legs up too). hope it helped.

  4. Ambios said :


  5. Crystal M said :

    Your 13 sweetheart your growing up and your body needs that extra fat to grow..dont worry about your weight …all the media these days makes 13 yr old girls worry about this …

  6. Schely said :

    Sweetie, you’re young and you’ll grow and that little bit of belly fat will go away. If you’re really that worried though, join a local sport, that’ll keep your physical fitness up. If you can’t find a local sport see what your school has to offer. Other than that, being outdoors with friends never hurts or maybe suggest going for a walk with your parents. It’d be good for them too. 😉

  7. pureriderz said :

    you cant, you are 13 and if you think you are fat or in a position to loose weight don’t your body is still growing and there is a HUGE misconception that you can lose fat in one area of your body. Your body loses weight one way. Starting from your outer areas. Think like this. Your body will lose weight in your face and in your calves first, and work its way all the way into the middle, or your abdominal area. You don’t have to work out to lose fat on your stomach. You have to change what you eat.

    At this point in your life I would not worry about trying to lose it, you need that baby fat to keep you growing. It will go away all by its self. Don’t eat fast food and eat better and it will go away!

  8. ROCKY said :

    You must do abs,they are the best for you.Do 100-150 abs daily,25abs x 4times a day or 30abs x 5times a day.Its gonna have effects fast.

  9. Sara said :

    Cardio is your best bet. Run around a lot and try to stay active– the weight should come off pretty easily. Swimming works out everything and definitely tones your core. Also, eating yogurt every day helps take off belly weight.

    Like others have said, though, you still have plenty of time to grow (you probably won’t stop getting taller till you’re around seventeen, and as your body stretches, the fat gets spread out more evenly). There’s nothing wrong with starting good exercise and eating habits while you’re young, which is why I gave the above answer, but try not to obsess over it– it could cause self-esteem problems in the future.

  10. katrose said :

    Sit ups will target your abdominal muscles, but running and or jogging will truly take off any fat.

  11. ? said :

    Healthy food and 5 minutes of crunches a day. Drink more water or tea.

  12. 99leadpencils said :

    Lol, thirteen year olds are supposed to have fat on their bellies. Don’t worry, when you hit puberty it’ll flatten out a bit. For now, eat healthy and be active. You should be moving around at least 90 minutes a day. So that’s your three recesses and then a bit afterwards.

  13. Mc hammer girl said :

    I am 13 and weigh around 36kg but I keep gaining weight. I am recovering from anorexia but can’t control how much I’m eating because I had gone without nice sweet food for ages can anyone help me control my portion sizes. Also I am female and I think that I have a big belly.

  14. Alissa said :

    i have the same problem but im 124lbs and im 13 . but i started doing 10 laps a day 40 sit ups. i run around with my friends alot . and i just have fun and be active. nothing wrong with being fat


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