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I have a fit body but want to lose some excess fat from my stomach…any suggestions on foods or exercises?

I have a little fat on my stomach and want to get rid of it and have a FLAT stomach..I don’t want a muscle stomach though, just flat! Any foods that will help boost my metabolism or exercises that may help?

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7 Responses to “I have a fit body but want to lose some excess fat from my stomach…any suggestions on foods or exercises?”

  1. Liam W said :

    My girlfriend tried all sorts of different diets and products, most without success. Her friend let her try out a new Acai Berry product she was using and she now swears by it.

    Shes lost over 13 pounds already, apparently the Acai Berry flushes all the waste out your system and cleanses your body.

    She got her own supply for free too, only had to pay like $5 shipping.

    Here’s the site she got it from:

  2. donniesgirl14 said :

    cruches and pull ups it works for me i have lost 2 inches in my stomach

  3. SophieBabes_x said :

    The best way is to do stomach exersices

  4. c_fig_newton said :

    Conjugated Linolaic Acid (CLA) has been proven to target stubborn belly fat. Try supplementing with a good, pure CLA supplement. I like Transitions Lifestyle System brand CLA. I order it at

    Hope that helps!

    Good luck!

  5. Francisco R said :

    green tea and situps

  6. Steven B said :

    There is no proven way to target body fat. If you want to lose body fat then you need a full body workout and good diet. When fat comes off it comes off from the entire body. It’s just that Belly fat is usually the last to go. Targeted Ab exercises is probably the last thing you want to do, because it does little to burn fat.

  7. dymur89 said :

    yes you can definitely achieve this.Ive lost 5 pounds in about 1 or two weeks,if i can do it you can do it…What you need to begin with is alot of MOTIVATION AND COMMITMENT,it is the key to lose weight…5 pounds is not much.What you do have to keep in mind is drink alot alot of water as much as you can up to 8 bottles of water throughout the day specially if u want to include working out too…just run or walk about 3 or more times any type of cardio it can be dancing,swimming,jump rope,walking..Everything in moderation.its a must but dont push yourself with working out..what you do have to push yourself with is eating right and drinkin plenty of water.water helps clean out your body and discharge of wastes in your of eating right,ITS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!if you are new with diet or arent used to eating healthy simply just cut back off on carbs,which is in breads,rice,and any sweets.If you do eat rice or bread eat whole wheat,its rich in fiber and very veggies BROCCOLIortant BROCOLLI is very good for losing or keeping off those extra pound on your belly,drink low fat milk,the body does need all the fat in the whole milk….VERY IMPORTANT:do not eat fried foods or high in cholesterol and oil,such as FAST FOOD,FRIES,SODAS,ICE CREAM OR ANYTHING SWEET,and when u eat eggs take out the yellow part,it has about 2,000 calories of fat!TRY KEEPING OFF THOSE FOODS AND DOING CARDIO WORKOUTS and not only will you lose weight but you will feel more energetic and proud of yourself…in order to achieve this in one month you have to keep up with your dieat and working strick and straight up with yourself!if your friend offers you a doughnut say NO! dont join in with people eating unhealthy and greasy,and dont let them make fun of you for eating right.TRUST ME if you brake your diet,it can be as simple as saying,OH whatever ill just eat one lil piece of chocolate,THATS THE WORSE THING YOU CAN DO,cuz youll want more and more and your body will crave to be how it was eating before….

    VERY IMPORATNT:dont let anybody put you down or say you cant do it…I know its hard cuz ive been there alot of times on trying to lose weight and eating right,but with CONSISTENCY AND POSITIVITY your mind can do anything!

    whatever you do DONT GIVE UP! your already one the right track because your thinking about losing weight and asking advice on how but the BIGGEST STEP IS TO ACTUALLY START DOING THE WORK .and the EASIEST step is to give up! but dont give up cuz not only will u set up yourself for failure but you will not be able to keep it up or make it a habit.

    oh yeah,and almost forgot:theres no miracle pill or drink that makes you lose weight quick or at have to go through hard work to achieve this.but green tea helps….

    i really hope i helped you 🙂


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