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How can I lose fat from upper abs, although I have flat lower abs?

I exercise and do ab workouts and eat healthy but the only place I lose fat is on my lower abs and the fat on my upper abs won’t go away. I know most women gain weight around lower region of stomach but mine seems to be reversed.

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4 Responses to “How can I lose fat from upper abs, although I have flat lower abs?”

  1. Dearsombody said :

    its proabably because your only doing lower ab workouts. and not realizing it. go on youtube and type in upper ab workouts. there are many types of workouts that you can do.

  2. Ashley E said :

    Long arm crunches. They work way better than regular crunches to flatten the upper abs.

  3. Martha said :

    They call this exercise as chest up sitting. Search in internet and you ll get a lot of information regarding this.
    I hope will help you in loosing your weight.

  4. D said :

    I had the same problem lower abs was fine and upper wasn’t It’s not uncommon trust me

    I followed specific guides that are for specific types of people which after even just a few weeks, worked out for me xD! certain exercises benefit certain people. It changed me completeely I feel amazing >_>


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