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How can I lose fat from my stomach?

On my body the six pack is where its supposed to be. Well its not a six pack its like a mini 4 pack. Anyways the lower part of my pack hasnt lost as much fat! Ive done plenty of sit ups to improve my stomach (cuz before i hated it.) I luv it now, but I need to know a way to lose the fat from the lower part of my pack. Any suggestions? (Tips on better sit ups are good too)
Ok Thanks a lot people!

Any other tips?

I have to say I do have a nice little rear but I dont want to lose it. Ill try using the weights.

Thanks for your help people and any more tips are good.

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7 Responses to “How can I lose fat from my stomach?”

  1. Riss said :


  2. norman7774 said :

    I haves the same problem and believe me it is a problem working off the FAT around the stomach area. One of the best ways is exercise…. stationary bicycle riding is good among other things such as canoe rowing(stationary at the gym)…… and of course.. staying away from sugars, etc

  3. honiebee said :

    put a 2 lb or 5lb weight on your sides and do side curls, if the side love handles are the issue. For the “fat” in the back, that may mean you have a nice little rear. There is no shame in that. But, If you insist on loosing some of that back fat, jogging would be the best thing.

  4. Ginkgo said :

    The site below has lots of info on that including a way you can lose 5 pounds around your belly at home in an hour. See “quickest way to lose weight.”

  5. giantdwarfbat said :

    want to burn fat
    calisthenics , high impact anarobic execices will help but keep a close gard on your heart rate as the stress on your heart is not healthy

  6. That Chick acisseJ said :

    for an effective sit up, you need to make sure you are using your stomach(abs) and only your stomach to pull yourslef up, not your back

  7. iluvmeeh2w0 said :

    eat healthy and use the 6 se. ab lounge 2 times a day


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