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How does a fat 12 year old lose fat and gain muscle?

I am a 12 year old male. I’m mostly fat. I am 120 pounds and 5 feet tall. I have fat in my stomach, arms, chin, breasts, and thighs. I want to lose fat and gain muscle. It would be very helpful if you include a typical meal day. Please help me. P.S. I only have weights that are 5 lbs.

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33 Responses to “How does a fat 12 year old lose fat and gain muscle?”

  1. Zigzagzane said :

    work out! …. YAH BUNS AND THIGHS! but really thats just baby fat… u will grow out of it trust me! if you are still worried u can find simple routines to lose weight. u could possibly run but i recommend circuit training.. go and google type in circuit training routines.. you will get a lot of results. but other than that its not too healthy to start working out when you are that young.

  2. johny said :

    go on a diet and work out.

  3. Katie M said :

    ummm ewww

  4. ~*bubbles*~ said :

    well use your weights drink water run in your yard and eat fruits!GET LOTS OF SLEEP!

  5. quixoticalthoughts said :

    same as everyone else… run, do cardio.. and lift weights… all the same every person… if it “doesn’t work for you” it means that you aren’t trying hard enough or long enough, or have a thyroid problem… good luck!

    Diet : Try to just pick a healthier meal when looking at choices… if you are at mcdonalds even… gauge your choices… so you could have a salad with or without dressing or you could have the big mac meal… which sounds better for you? If you want to start with the middle ground, get something smaller like one hamburger and a small fry… diet coke…

    This is one example… tell your mom that you want to start eating a little healthier… and you are young dude… another few years and you will have growth spurts… I was getting chubbier at your age and I grew 12 inches in 3 years… it was painful but I was thin by the end of it.

    Good luck.

  6. cuddles said :

    youre still a child…muscle tone should build up as you age..just dont sit around all the time..try to get involved in sports or some other type of physical activity..

  7. boogiepants said :

    first you gotta wait for your balls to drop, then do alot of cardio and lift

  8. Chris D said :

    run everyday. Start off at half a mile and over the next few months try working your way too 5 miles a day. If you can run everyday for a month then your gona be used to running, and all of your fat will easily turn to muscle, especially your stomache and legs.

  9. ATX ViRuS said :

    Join a sport.

  10. John M said :
  11. Helen H said :

    Puberty will take care of much of this for you. As testosterone levels increase, your muscle % will naturally go up.

    To tone up now, just use your muscles as much as possible. Walk to school if possible, use stairs rather than elevators, that sort of thing.

  12. Rita S said :

    Just exercise Run Walk Take up a sport you don’t have to limit yourself to just weights
    Cut out all the junk food and relace with fruits and veggies Go easy on the carbs You are young so you will lose it if you start now and keep it up
    Good Luck

  13. rere said :

    UM eat very little meals but
    eat like five times a day
    as long as u eat little portiondon’tdont eat junk food
    do a lot of cardio and weight lifting
    that should work!!

  14. Aaron C said :

    youre young, keep eating to grow but stay away from sweets! (of course not too much) Even more important at this point, exercise! You need to run basically if you want to lose weight quickly and weight lifting helps your burn fat faster but just weight lifting itself wont help you lose weight or get skinnier.

  15. superkman2003 said :

    Doesn’t matter how heavy weights you have, they are not helpful when losing weight. To lose weight do CARDIO, such as running, or jogging, climbing stairs, anything that gets your heart going. Do it for about 30 minutes or untill you can’t breath, while your losing weight keep the fat intake down.

    After you have lost all the weight you want THEN you can build the muscle you want, you don’t need weights for this either. For tone do body exercises, such as push-ups, pull-ups, body squats. If you want muscle mass (look really strong) then you will need heavier weights, as you will need to do low repetitions with high weight. Also while building muscle be sure to eat plenty of protein packed foods as soon as possible after a workout.

    Finally, you are 12 years old. Unless you have a hereditary condition your metabolism is amazing right now, meaning losing weight is cake.

  16. helpimagirl said :

    go running- like for a jog/run around your town for about 20mins-half an hour, depending on what you think you can do without dying. just built it up slowly.

    do a lot of sport- its not activities like situps that will make you lose weight but exersize in general.

    good luck!

  17. Lolly said :

    don’t try to lift too much weight at a young age , jogging could be good and swimming if you learn how good and swim only where its safe with company around and don’t eat a lot of sugar and try to stay away from drinks with lots of sugar in them and eating anything else should be alright.

  18. molly p said :

    Go to your local YMCA and ask for a fitness instructor. They should be for free (at least they are here). Explain what you want to work on and they should/will give you an exercise plan for several weeks.

  19. Cora. said :

    Well first start with eating right.
    Say, you wake up. Eat fruit for breakfast. For lunch have a sandwhich or something. & for dinner get lots of veggies. (you can still have some meat. & carbs like bread..but only a little)
    & through out the day its really good to snack. Small healthy snacks though. Like fruit. Ex. apples & peanut butter. Or beef jerky stick. Just something really small.

    Then for the working out. I can’t tell you exactly what to do. But at least start off with 30 minutes. That’s a good time. & you can do your weights and stuff. Also jump roping is great for just loosing weight.

    Then to gain the muscle. Once you loose some weight first. You will need lots of proteins like meat. & heavier weights. & slowly you will start to increase your work outs to more time & more reps.


  20. d_j_sasquatch said :

    Get outside and walk and ride your bike that is the best way to lose weight and stop eating so many carbs stick to lean meats, no fried foods and lots green veggies. Stay away from sugar, bread, and sauces with sugar in them. Real mayo is ok
    If you eat cereal ask your parents to get you skim milk, and something like raisen bran stay away from the sugar cereals
    Good luck.
    After you lose weight begin doing pushups and situps/crunches.
    increase your number of reps every day always do at least 1-5 more than the day before.

  21. ubu said :

    This aint the answer you want so i aint chasing the 10 points here but you need to hear this so listen up.
    Your body is goin through some crazy stuff right now turning into a mans body and if you start messin with it now you could do some long term damage.
    I was pretty chubby at 12 so i just got out on my bike n rode everywhere, ate more fruit and never took a car ride anywhere.
    Get a comfy pair of sneakers and snack on fruit.
    Everythin else will sort itself out and youl have the figure you want in no time
    Good luck

  22. Mich gal said :

    Because you are still developing, don’t do any crazy dieting. Eat healthy (don’t drink pop, eat less sugar, eat a good breakfast every day and eat small portions at all meals), get outside and do fun activities for your exercise: ride a bike, walk to school, stay away from the TV, play a sport. You are still at a great age to develop awesome habits and don’t let these other idiots that are saying stupid crap get you down. It shows a lot of character that you want to do what’s right for your health!!! Good luck to you!!!!

  23. Dr.Answer said :

    Hello, You can work out with your weights 5lbs, 30 minutes a day and run, It will loose your fat and gain you muscles. You can even go on diet, Where you can eat rice and pasta(with yogurt) its not that bad. and you can loose 3 Kilograms in a week:)… Hope this helps!


  24. molly said :

    well i m older than u (by a year) and i weigh 90p but everyone is different. maybe you should eat healthy foods and exercise. less tv and and video games 🙂
    first meal needs to be big- orange, cereal and toast
    second meal should be smaller-so a sandwich juice and granola bar
    Dinner- small-meat, water, potatoes
    hope this helps

  25. chickadee said :

    wait for a growth spurt

  26. HOT CHICK96 said :

    I don’t know if you have a ymca close to you, but when you are 12 years old you can take a test and if you pass the test you can use all there equipment and i eat lots of salads and wheat bread with sandwiches and have dance 5 days a week. Hope this helps you. Any other questions you may e-mail me at [email protected]

  27. Harrison S said :

    You don’t need fancy exercise equipment to lose weight. Reduce your eating to four-five small meals everyday. They should consist of a good balance between vegetables, protein, and a small but still substantial portion of carbohydrates. To gain muscle, exercise three-four times per week. This exercise includes and is not limited to: push-ups (if you can’t do a full push-up, try putting your hands on a chair or something of equivalent height), sit-ups (don’t put your hands behind your head, you’ll only hurt your neck), walking/jogging/running one mile (or more), jumping rope (sounds fruity, but it builds stamina and agility). For push-ups and sit-ups, take it easy at first, for example: three sets of six push-ups or sit-ups. Increase the amount as you gain strength and endurance. I believe in you! I struggle with my weight too, I’m just now dropping the last of my excess weight. You can do it!!!

  28. Penelope Cullen said :

    The best thing to do is eat sensibly and exercise. A typical day should always include breakfast. A healthy cereal is a good example. Stay away from sugary foods, like pop tarts, donuts, etc. As far as exercise, you don’t have to have weights to gain muscle. Things like running and swimming are two great exercises that build muscle. Get active, don’t sit in front of the TV and play video games.

  29. Tina T said :

    Get off the computer and get outside and move your body!!

    I understand most of your schooling and your life is revolving around the computer, but you have to move your body…it’s the only way it’s going to slim down.

    Eat a healthy breakfast: eggs, fruit, toast
    Lunch: turkey sandwich or wrap, fruit, 100 calorie pack of your favorite snack
    Dinner: baked or grilled chicken, steamed veggies, applesauce

    Snacks can range from fresh fruit, fat free pudding or jello

    Control your portions and exercise…every little bit helps!

    Good Luck!! Oh yeah – drink tons of WATER!!!! It does a body good!!!

  30. Chris R said :

    Start by eating a low fat high protein diet. Move on to a moderate impact aerobics with using the 5lb weights. Do as many push-ups as possible in the morning before breakfast and a shower. If standard push-ups are to difficult then try doing push-ups with your knees on the floor. Do as many crunches as possible before breakfast and a shower. Eat 6, yes I said 6 small meals a day; 6 small meals is easier for your body to digest than 3 large meals. Make sure you stick to Very Low Carbs. Don’t eat before you go to bed, that is a good way to accumulate fat. As you get in better shape, move up to heavier weights. Good luck buddy. I know how hard it is.

  31. safesets69 said :

    There are plenty of ways to lose weight, but doing it properly is key. I think you need to assess not only your food intake but also any kind of physical activity. For each individual, it really IS different and each individual’s needs would vary.

    I suggest the following:
    1. Talk to your parents.
    2. Talk to your Phys. Ed. teacher about your concerns.
    3. Talk to your family physician.
    4. As far as foods and support, try looking at It has numerous successful members and also suggestions regarding foods, etc.

    Best wishes!

  32. mansionghost said :
  33. angela said :

    lol im a 12 year old to trying to lose weight. i need a little help too.when i went to the states i ate tones of junk and have gained wieght


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