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how can I lose some stomach fat and gain muscle?

I am 25, 6’4 and fairly lean. I have been working out for about a year now and have seen some progress but pretty minimal. Last winter I gained a bit of stomach fat due to long driving hours and I want to get rid of it but I also want to bulk up. Is it possible to lose that and still bulk up a good 10-15 pounds over the next 6 months?

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3 Responses to “how can I lose some stomach fat and gain muscle?”

  1. A.J. said :

    Increase your aerobic exercise and watch your diet.

  2. Jacob said :

    Stay away from sugery drinks is one step to take it reduced your calery intake by alot.

  3. darshan prasad said :

    A normal diet or Normal cardio will not help you reduce your stomach fat. Since all of us know fat is the result of excess calorie, the key here is to watch your caloric intake and do exercises that helps you increase ur RMR – Resting Metabolic Rate

    RMR in simple terms means, the energy consumed by your body when you sit idle. This rate goes high when you do specific set of exercises. a cardio or execrcises utilizing small muscle groups will not help increase your RMR. Do exercises involving more muscles particularly large muscle groups. To name few – Squats, Lat exercises, Bench press in that order. Abdominal exercises should constitute only 10% of your workout. Abdominal workouts only help you to shaope it up, but not to reduce ur belly fat effectively.

    If you fast, you will not lose fat. The reason body will move into a kind of emergency state, where it preserves the body fat for future use and instead use ur available calories and then muscles for energy needs. a weight reduction at this stage is mainly due to water loss and muslce depletion, which again result in reduction of RMR. This again will lead to increased build up of fat when you resume ur normal diet.


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