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How can I lose some stomach & thigh fat ?

I’ve got a little bit of stomach fat on my lower abs and some on my inner thighs.
My mom doesn’t let me go walking or running around town (WTF?) so I have to resolve to walking around my room while reading a book-_-

I try sit ups & crunches every other night but it doesn’t seem to help.

How can I lose some stomach & thigh fat without jogging/walking long distances ?

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5 Responses to “How can I lose some stomach & thigh fat ?”

  1. dior_84 said :

    you cant! DIET AND EXERSISE AND WEIGHT TRAINING are part of a healthy axtive lifestyle, you need to join a gym do cardio and weights, eat right or you will gain weight or not have muscle or tone.

  2. Maddi said :

    good thigh workout-the phantom chair, you put ur back on the wall and bend ur legs like a chair, you knees should make a 90 degree angle. i usually do this for 3 min then repeat 3 times, but u could change up the amount depending on ur fitness level. i also do tons on lunches and squats. for ur stomach you could do planks, which is where yoku lie down on the floor and prop urself up with ur elbows, so ur stomach isnt touching the ground, you can also do these on ur side. u hold for 1.5 minutes and do 2-3 times. hope this helps!

  3. Brooke said :

    If you have a pool thats a brilliant way to start off. Swimming laps for at least an our a day willdecrease the amount of fat, although it will gain muscle. Also doing just 100 crunches EVERYDAY won’t kill you. People say you shouldn’t do them everyday, but I found out from my doctor that its actually a good thing. I have the same problem with my thighs. LOL, this may sound funny, but everytime you want to go up the stairs, run up them. In my house we have steep stairs cuz its and one of those big old houses. When I used to have mainly fat on my thighs , I did this and it resulted in firm, muscley thighs, that can fit and look good in skinny jeans. This worked for me, I hope it works for you too. (SRY FOR THE BAD WORDING)

  4. upgrademydiva said :

    There are reshaping garments that will target both of those areas which will lead to permanent inch loss. Hope this helps.

  5. The Wild Man said :

    if you wantto lose fat
    Exercise with Little jack


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