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do you think i can get slim and lose some fat?

i think its my genetics but i never seem to get slim. my dad is fat(was very skinny in his 20s) and my mom WAS skinny too. i am kind of bulky…like wide or something. huge thigh muscles and calves too which i think i inherited from my dad. i swim ALOT and i cant seem to get slim. i also jog long distances too.

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2 Responses to “do you think i can get slim and lose some fat?”

  1. skatergeek said :

    I have a friend that lost about 100 lbs… and he looks way way different, but he had the real effort to stay on the diet…

  2. fatcatskiddy said :

    thats kind of like me.i wouldnt call myself fat but i wouldnt call myself skinny either.i guess nowadays in the modeling world i would be called a plus sized model!!!!can you beleive that??!?! now they say that if you have 15 lbs of extra “chunk” on oyu then you are considered overweight! i used to swim everyday for 3 years and i was in great shape but not ‘skinny.’ if you loose the fat then youll get toned


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