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What are some fast ways to lose fat and not think about food?

i am anorexic and i have been binging a LOT bc of junk food. i gained 7 lbs and my mom is making me eat more. so how do i lose wieght and not eat without any one noticing.

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2 Responses to “What are some fast ways to lose fat and not think about food?”

  1. Nikhil said :

    Hey, I tested this brand new diet supplement from They have a risk free trial on at the moment. What it does, is clean out your insides, there will be as much as 20 pounds in there, and no amount of diet and working out will obliterate it. Give it a try – I did, and melted away 17 pounds LOL!!!

  2. Ed said :

    Right now, you’re stuck in a cycle of starving and binging. Anorexia is all about starving yourself, with the mistaken image of yourself as being overweight. Your mother sees this and overcompensates by making you eat too much fast food. Fast food contains mostly empty calories, devoid of nutritional value.

    You need to understand that neither binging nor starving is healthy. Moderation is always best. It’s the middle ground between too much and too little.

    Figure out how many calories you need to sustain a healthy weight from the BMR calculator below. It determines your basal metabolism rate, and the total number of calories you need to consume each day, considering your activity level. Discipline yourself to eat about this number every day. Some days you’ll eat more, others less, but shoot for that number as a good average.

    Lay off the junk food — fried fast foods, candy, cake, soda, donuts. Focus on lean meat and fish, fresh fruit and vegetables, low-fat dairy products. Research has shown that those who consume yogurt on a regular basis maintain their weight better than those who don’t.

    God bless you. Keep a high opinion of yourself and you can do anything, including reaching and maintaining your optimal weight.


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