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What can i do to slim up, and lose some weight?

what are some good ways to slim up and lose some weight.
i’m 14 and im not the skinniest guy around.
im not looking to try to bulk up and get muscle, i just wanna lose some weight and get slimmer/skinnier.
what are some good thinks i good do to help bget slimmer/skinnier?
and what kind of food will help with that?

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6 Responses to “What can i do to slim up, and lose some weight?”

  1. kittykat said :


  2. justathought said :

    less carbs (breads, cereals etc)
    more protein (eggs, chicken, fish)
    exercises which promote lean muscle building i.e. jogging, lots of cardio. If you are lifting weights, do more sets of lighter weights opposed to high weights at less reps.

  3. Kevin G said :

    Stop drinking soda – Even diet soda. Drink only water. and eat fruits/veggies instead of chips/pretzels.

  4. Kirti said :

    You will find this site very helpful, free workout videos by the experts

  5. Chloe said :

    any healthy food would be better to lose weight, if you can resist the junk food! if you chose healthy foods rather than bad ones, e.g. an apple instead of a chocolate bar, even that would make you lose a bit of weight, but you’d lose more if you were stricter than that obviously.
    exercising will make you lose weight faster too, a 10 minute run or something will help, basically just do anything that gets your heart rate up and makes you sweat, even if its just dancing lamely or something behind closed doors haha

    think tesco’s : every little helps 😉
    good luck! X

  6. jessica s said :

    well im a 13 year old girl and i used to not be slim, but now i am. for breakfast i would have cherrios and slices of bananas every day. for lunch i had peanutbutter and a banana sandwich. for dinner i had whatever i wanted just as long as it was low on sugar and sodium. to drink with my meals i would have Crystal Lite.( a drink mix that you put in our water bottle)[in many flavors] or apple juice. grape juice. water.milk. but dont have Koolaid, it is very high on sugar and sugar makes you fat every where expeacily ur belly. and if you want abs(which ladys love you can do 10 set ups or more a day.(: hope i helped.

    – jessica.


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