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i need to lose some of my fat and nothing seams to work?

ok no one say any thing mean but i am 12 i am 128.5 5 foot 2 and i really really need to lose some fat and nothing i do seams to work iv tried working out dieting eating meat and just meat and nothing works iv been 128.5 fore about 5 so i know i can stay there but i just cant lose the fat i feel so fat, tired all the time, and i just HATE my body i have though about lipo but i know my mom will say oh hell no but i cant stand me being fat. plz help me

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7 Responses to “i need to lose some of my fat and nothing seams to work?”

  1. AZ_FAN said :

    i doubt nothing works. your doing something wrong. you neeed to diet!!!!! its that easy lady. with a good diet you’ll lose alot of weight

  2. Abster said :

    hey. i’m 13 and don’t diet. just go walking until it’s easy to run, and pay attention in PE. i know what u mean though

  3. snow white and the seven knights said :

    walking and eating healthy

  4. Kimberly C said :

    The key to losing weight is to burn more calories then you eat. is a free website where you can enter the food that you eat and the exercises that you burn and see if you are working out enough to burn off what you eat. Also can give you some ideas on exercises to do.

    Good Luck.

  5. latina said :

    i would said you are too little girl well not little girl but the is the age when you are growing and getting body perfect so i will said wait till you are like around 18 or 22 too do diets or loose weights thes the best age i can tell you the

  6. Kristen said :

    You really aren’t overweight, but it sounds like you are out of shape. You probably aren’t sticking to it long enough. Eat lots of vegetables, lean protein like grilled chicken breast and nuts, whole grains, fruit, fish and shrimp (not fried or buttered), and beans. Stay away from sugar, butter, white bread/rice/pasta, and bad fats like frying oil. Also, you should do some cardiovascular exercises like running, jogging, swimming, jump roping, etc. And lipsoction is stupid you will just gain it back, plus you don’t need it.

  7. Crystal Gon. said :

    Ok first of all your 12, and lipo is for adults 18 and older. Also stop stressing yourself out on losing weight fast. Losing weight takes patience and time. I posted a question similar to yours about trying to lose weight at a young age, so check it out if you want. It has great answers and very good tips for a healthy diet and exercise plan.
    Have you ever tried going Vegetarian? You should because being vegetarian brings a lot of great advantages into a teenager who’s trying to lose weight and support non animal cruelty. If you get into the idea of going veg check this website out: Try it, the results could be what you have been waiting for in a long time. :] Also If you do decide to go veg I suggest a multi-daily vitamin (One-A-Day for Teens is a great multi vitamin) everyday, and lots of water. Good luck! And enjoy the upcoming summer vacation, relax and keep a good diet and exercise routine.
    P.S. Don’t STARVE OR VOMIT FOOD. That could lead to life threatening diseases.


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