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How Can I Lose Some Weight Without Being Really Skinny?

I am 11 and I think i am over weight. I am 107 lbs. I want to lose weight without being very skinny. Or doing weightwatchers and stuff. I wanna do this on myself not doing programs and things. I am heading to middle school and dont wanna be made fun of. I wanna be in shape. I wanna be normal.I wanna eat healthy I wanna look good and feel good! Please Any one Help me!

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15 Responses to “How Can I Lose Some Weight Without Being Really Skinny?”

  1. jenivive said :

    start walking 30 minutes a day. it will take some of weight off and u wont be overly skinny

  2. taylor_241 said :

    Watch what you eat and eat things in moderation…and do a little exercise…My daughter is the same age as you and that is scary that you think that…

  3. YouSucka said :

    run, exercise, play soccer or basketball and dont stop running until your legs feel like jelly and you CANT run anymore….thats the best exercise in the world.

  4. DJuice said :

    Try out for a sport for when you get to middle school, if you play a sport you will have friends and wont be made fun of, some girl sports we have at our high school is Field hocky for girls and Girls lacrosse, you can try one of those idk if ur school has it but just try a sport

  5. lickmysac said :

    two words – WORK OUT.

  6. chacha685 said :

    your eleven you will grow out if it. unless you are under 4’5″ you are fine.

  7. chris b said :

    take up a sport eg.. netball i did this in year 7 to 11 and it kept me in great shape i now also do it in a club after work and just eat healthy

  8. sandstone901 said :

    walk, jog, or bicycle 30 minutes a day. Don’t eat any fast food. Enjoy your youth–you’re probably not as fat as you think you are. You may have some baby fat that will go away as you grow older.

  9. mock sake said :

    just walking wont do it,it might lose a small amount of weight(like half a pound)but it will build muscle.just do moderate exercise,at least an hour a day,and that weight for that age isnt overweight.(trust me,your gonna be made fun of anyway,for something else)eat healthy things like fruit,and limit red or fatty meats

  10. moira o said :

    OK well im in 7th grade and NO ONE makes fun of people at my school. If you want to you can eat healthier but go talk to your doctor this just may help

  11. sujoy13 said :

    girl, you’re 11. lighten up! pick up a sport, and just watch what you eat. honestly, guys don’t find really skinny girls attractive. just learn to work with what you have, and watch the sugar intake. don’t let people’s opinions in middle school get you down. there will always be people who hate you, and you just have to learn to shrug it off. there will also be people who will be really cool, and make sure you stick with the right friends. honestly, a habit of excercise and good eating habits will keep you at a healthy weight.

  12. Gwendolen said :

    thats an easy one. just cut out the junk food. ALL of it. no cheating. and exercise. do crunches at night, or run, or do jumping jacks. anything! just get out there!

  13. Paris H said :

    girl OK all u have to do is 30min not counting your school P.E everyday.

    But your not much over weight just loose 10 pounds because I’m only a little older and i way around 110 and i cant way over 116 so just do your exercise and eat fruits and vegetables
    but only eat 3 times a day.

    breakfast- eggs, milk ,and 1 peace of fruit

    Lunch- grilled foods with water or that crystal light stuff

    dinner- fish, lo-fat foods ext…

  14. littledevilinyourcup said :

    instead of hanging out watching tv or playing video games this summer go swimming or biking or even walking . Staying active will help you lose fat and gain muscle so the scale may not show a weight loss but the change in your body will be noticable. Also remember at 11 your body is probably starting to go through the changes of puberty and that little extra weight may move around to become hips and breast over time You are on the right track by eating right and being concerned but don’t let your weight dictate your whole life.

  15. oldknowitall said :

    Simply leaving off sugar will make a huge difference. That means especially soft drinks,candy, cakes, pies, you know. If you fill up on raw veggies, you will not be hungry and can pretty much eat normally. You are so young, I would not suggest anything drastic. Increase you physical activity and you should be ok.


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