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What kind of dance will help lose some belly fat?

I want to lose some belly fat that I’ve gained during the summer. I’ve started doing sit-ups and other work outs too. Also, I’ve been running laps around my neighborhood. I want to do something else so I’ve decided on starting to dance, the thing is I don’t know which type will help me lose some fat . any suggestions???

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2 Responses to “What kind of dance will help lose some belly fat?”

  1. deelell said :

    Belly Dance

  2. no NAME girl said :

    hoop dancing!!

    It’s dancing while hula hooping and you do all sorts of cool tricks.
    It’s really fun, though it takes some time and detication to teach yourself to do.

    Here is a video of someone hoop dancing:

    There are much better videos out there but I didn’t want to find them.
    To learn you just have to watch peoples’ videos and figure out how they do what they are doing.



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