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How can i bulk up and lose some fat? Please help.?

Ok so i started working out like 4 months ago to bulk up because i was skinny. I was successful and gained some muscle mass, but also grew a little belly to. Its nothing major, but i want to get rid of it. I know its impossible or very difficult to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time, so what do i have to do? Put down the weights and just do cardio??

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3 Responses to “How can i bulk up and lose some fat? Please help.?”

  1. Archangel said :

    its simple math.

    the only way to get rid of fat, is to consume it.

    to consume you need to switch energy resources.

    Research what ” fasting ” is

    ( not starving, a lot of ignorant people use the word starving ) when they really should be referring to fasting.

    anyways, cut your calorie intake by a big gap and you will lose weight.

    each lb of fat has 3500 calories,

    You could fast for a week and lose 12-17 lbs. ( remember to take a daily multivitamin to stay fully healthy )

    for more details read the book WHY WEIGHT AROUND ?

    by a phd doctor.

  2. shaun said :

    Basically yes. Put down the weights and tone up. What you have to do is stick to

    moderate intensity training

    running, swimming


    high intensity training

    Running up hills

    you probably have a mesomorph body type ( Get fat/ Gain muscle quickly)

    Doing this cardio won’t compromise your muscle mass to much.

    Once you have done that stick to this plan.

    This way you will build strength and endurance and have an overall better body and level of fitness

  3. RunningBear said :

    You don’t have to put down the weights – just keep doing both. You must do cardio to burn the fat though.

    I’ve had no problem burnign fat and building muscle at the same time. The muscle development is slower, but it’s still happening.


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