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How do I gain muscle mass without getting a gym membership?

I am very skinny, it is usually recommended that I only do squats and deadlifts. How can I gain muscle mass without the use of any weights, or are weights essential to gaining mass?

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11 Responses to “How do I gain muscle mass without getting a gym membership?”

  1. Ziggy W said :

    seriosly no joke just do 1000 jumping jacks a day and u will notice a difference! no bull!

  2. sabu said :

    do al of ur works at home manually..

  3. notachatQueen said :

    Ride a bike, and lift weights. No, weights are not the only way to build muscle mass, but it is probably the best way.

    Consider that some of us are just naturally lean, and that is healthy. Exercise will firm up muscles, it will not add bulk.

    But bulk isn’t all that healthy.

    The best motors burn the least gas.

  4. crazylove said :

    have some one sit on ur back and do push up, carry ur gf around the house, eat a lot and play sport

  5. Lucky said :

    I think you need some resistant to gain muscle. Squats are great for legs and butt,crunches for stomach and cans of soup for your arms.. Well,that is what they had my mom us in her arms after a surgery?
    I was so skinny that I look back now and wonder if everyone thought I had a eating disorder.. I would eat and eat.. Then I ended up depressed and my whole system changed, I want to say,don’t worry about how skinny you are!! You are really fine I am sure…
    Ask a Dr. if you are worried about weight loss and muscle mass. There are really things around the home that can be used for weigh lifting!!

  6. Dr.nasreen said :

    A supplement that enhances an athlete’s strength, speed, immunity & stamina will definitely give him that extra lead whenever

    he needs it. MuscoMax is made for such athletes and for every person who wants to become a sports person or who just wants to

    stay fit.

  7. stacey w said :

    to gain muscle mass make sure you are eating plenty of protein throught the day and do Resistance training like press ups and and sit ups on stairs etc to use more of your own body weight steriods are for losers as long term use can damage your heart etc

  8. pudn36 said :

    There is no way without resistance with weights. Dead lifts and squats make you soar indeed; from experience. I had a gym teacher in college that recommended it and we were all hating him for a week. Just use small weights and start out with 2 sets of 12. work your way up to say 5 sets of 12 with maybe adding a set a week. Once your up to 5 sets, try moving slower with your work outs, by then you’ll start getting a high from having your muscles worked. Always stretch before each workout and work the upper one day, do some say swimming (cardiovascular) the next; then work your lower body the next day. Eating protien like eggs, meat, and fish make the workout seem easier. I have a bowflex. Good Luck.

  9. Me said :

    Calisthenics and jogging (aerobic exercise) can do some for adding muscle mass. But mostly those exercises are about getting you in shape and able to endure strenuous activity. They make you more lean, not bulked up. (Frankly, I prefer this kind of exercising for better health.)

    So yes, a gym is likely the easiest (and sometimes cheapest, if we factor in the opportunity cost of time saved) way to get stunning sculpted muscles, using their machines, weights, and trainers. (Might look for a discount gym rate through your employer OR your health insurance — often if you belong to a PPO or HMO, the insurer will get you a deal at certain gyms — check your benefits booklet).

    But again, sculpture is not the primary or only goal of fitness. You want a blend of aerobic and anaerobic training.

  10. bnvhgjfftr h said :

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  11. Wayne Flewellen said :

    It’s laborious to search out educated folks on this topic, however you sound like you understand what you’re speaking about! Thanks


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