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What helps gain muscle mass faster: lighter weights multiple times or heavy weights a few times?

What helps gain muscle mass faster: benching a small amount of weight multiple times, or much heavier amount a few? If anybody has any tips or other information, that would be great. Thank you.

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6 Responses to “What helps gain muscle mass faster: lighter weights multiple times or heavy weights a few times?”

  1. Jarbon said :

    ok so if you use heavy weights and max out, you build larger muscles. but what you really want is to not max out so that you build endurance. this will get you leaner and more tone (ripped look)

  2. James said :

    1-5 reps gives best strength gains, 6-12 reps gives best muscle gains. Strength gains shouldn’t be underestimated as working on your strength first will result in more muscle in the long run if you decide to switch to bodybuilding training once you’re extremely strong.

  3. Bumba said :

    If you are growing then dont do heavy weights.Do light weights a lot.As heavy weights may break growth plates.So strengthen your self with light weight .And do heavy weight after you are growing and build up muscles.
    If you are fully grown then do heavy.

  4. arch0049 said :

    There are tons of great FREE workout plans online. From legititmate websites. I found one online. I have increased my bench press from 185 to 250 in about 8-9 months. That is alot. About 35%. And, I have gain a lot of mass. Find a plan that works for you.

    – Find a plan that fits your schedule
    – Eat healthier
    – Drink lots of water
    – Get tons of sleep
    – Avoid maxing out… I max out (test out I call it) only every 12th week.

  5. Mik L said :

    Go for the heaviest weight that you think you can bench at least 10 times. Also, do 3 sets of this with a break of about 60 seconds in between. So:

    3 sets x 10 reps = 30 benches in total.

    You should also be doing other exercises as well like rowing and squatting.

    Now for Muscle Mass…
    Within 20 minutes after your workout take some protein. Protein is really important for gaining muscle mass as it helps your muscles to repair quickly. You can pick up a protein drink or protein powder from any health and fitness store. I would really recommend protein its wonder food. 🙂 enjoy

  6. waseem butt said :

    I am very lazy. I am very fast growing weight. Please,you have fast growing recipies.Ok.


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