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How does a skinny guy like me gain muscle mass?

How can I gain muscles? What can I do to increase my BMI? How can I do it? What can a disabled person like me do to gain more muscle mass?

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5 Responses to “How does a skinny guy like me gain muscle mass?”

  1. Thundercat said :

    To put it simply, do weight training and eat properly (lean protein, fruits, vegetables, whole grains and cut out the processed sugars and fatty foods). I would recommend hiring a personal trainer to custom fit some exercises for your disability.

  2. chebrew2000 said :


  3. Nik said :

    Bulk up loads, eat lots of proteins and weight train a lot

  4. The Rico said :

    To build muscle you obviously have to lift weights, but lift HEAVY weights to gain muscle. Weight were you are struggling to finish that last set, keep sets and reps rather low i.e. for arms no more than 8-12 reps and only 3 sets. Allowing adequate rest for the muscle is a MUST; keeping with the arms you should only work the arms twice a week at most! Also you can eat lots of protein and after workouts drink some whey protein or other supplements, muscle milk is pretty cheap and very effective, even compared to more expensive supplements.

  5. Grayson Deysher said :

    workout a lot


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