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How do I lose weight and gain muscle mass?

Im 15 years old 6’1″ 205 pounds. I haven’t worked out in awhile, but I have a large amount of muscle naturally. Whats the best way to cut down and get ripped? Wanted to get a head start of football season, but want to maintain whatever I gain.

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4 Responses to “How do I lose weight and gain muscle mass?”

  1. snuffyt16 said :

    if you want to get ripped then you should burn more calories than you eat. this will turn your fat into muscle and not add extra weight.

  2. ozzyjamil said :

    ummm…. its extremely hard to lose weight and gain muscle mass considering muscle is heavier than fat, but eating a healthy, low fat, low sugar diet along with hitting the weight room should do the trick. the key to building the most muscle is a low amount of repititions with a high weight… good luck

  3. Jnogs said :

    Hey, if you want to get a head start for football season a good idea would be to concentrate on getting stronger first and then cut down after. Focus on the 3 main lifts that will give you the best results.. squat, dead lift, and bench press. Make sure to hit each lift hard once per week in combination with anything else your doing. Try to get in 5 sets of 5 reps of the same weight. Lets say one week your benching 200lbs and hit all 5 sets with 5 reps. Increase your weight the next week by 10 lbs. However if on your last set you only put up the 200lb for 3 reps, keep the same weight for the next week until you hit 5 reps on all 5 sets, then increase by 10lbs. You will be able to monitor your gains very easily this way.

    As for cutting down, you will focus on this more as the season draws nearer. My best advice is to use a mix of core strength training exercises and cardio. I’ve got loads of core strength workouts that might be of some help to you. If your interested let me know and I’ll get some over to you.

  4. mansionghost said :

    try the lil Jack workout
    its fun and easy


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