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How do I gain muscle mass on my ribs/stomache?

How do I gain muscle mass over my ribs, and how do I get a bigger muscular stomache?
I’m asking because my upper body is kind of skinny for my arms and legs.

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One Response to “How do I gain muscle mass on my ribs/stomache?”

  1. Oh wise one H said :

    Congrats! You got it right! A lot of people get huge upper body and their lower body looks like a lizard. But that doesn’t mean that upper body isn’t important too, by any means. For abs – sit-ups, curls, and side bends. Make sure when you’re doing side bends, you only have weight in ONE hand. Having weight in both hands will get rid of all the resistance and you won’t build muscle. Your back is VERY important too. Try doing some hyper extensions – this is where you have your hips and legs on the end of a bench with the rest of your body hanging off. make sure your head swings freely without touching the floor. To complete one rep, let your body hang down strait, then look up as high as you can and bring your upper body up and back as high as you can.

    Hope this helps! 8D


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