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What is a healthy way to gain muscle mass?

What is a healthy way to gain muscle mass?

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3 Responses to “What is a healthy way to gain muscle mass?”

  1. hex_jb_360 said :

    This is kind of just a theory but perhaps, lose all extra body fat first by strict diet then monitor your protein intake closely and be sure to only consume protein when you know you will be able to spend adequate time weight lifting and/or other muscle building exercises.

  2. Thebomb said :

    First of all, eat a lot of protein. This will help you to gain muscle mass. Foods with protein are: milk, eggs, meat, and chicken.

    When you lift weights, don’t over do it. Do not use machines as well because they will give you dumb muscles. When you do work out, only train 2 mucle groups a day. My cycle is, legs one day. Triceps and whatever the back muscle is. And the last day, abs and biceps.
    You can do whatever you want.

    To define how many reps you want to do, if you want to gain muscle, do 8-10 reps for 3 sets. Between every set, take a 30 second reak. With this one, by the end of the last set, you should feel like your arms are very light.

    If you want to gain muscle for endurance sports, do 15 reps with a 20 second break inbetween. Do 4 sets. By the end of this one, your arms should burn but not as bad as the big weights. As well, these weights should be significantly lighter.

    At the end of every workout, you should drink chocolate milk as it contains more protein and will aid in the recovery of your muscles.

    Good Luck and don’t over do it.

  3. power_house911 said :

    Exercise of any kind will produce some degree of muscle mass that wasn’t there before. But to get a lot of muscle mass you’ll have to do strength training. Just about any exercise that causes resistance to your muscles (eg weightlifting, kettle bells, Bowflex) is going to build strength and muscle mass. Just go to your local gym and ask about strength training exercises.


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