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How to gain muscle mass and loss body fat?

How do I do this. Im willing to spend as long as it would take.

Give me foods and brands or a website with recipes.
and work out ideas.

I weigh 155lbs and I’m 6 foot

let me know!

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4 Responses to “How to gain muscle mass and loss body fat?”

  1. Michael F said :

    if you wanna lose weight
    short term = drop carbs
    long term = increase your metabolism… how?
    by building more muscle… the more muscle the more calories
    your body has to burn to just maintain the muscles…

    Tips to Gain Muscle

    Compound Exercises: Squats, Bench Press, Chinups etc (1-5 reps = strength or 6-15 reps for size)
    High Protein Diet: To build the muscle (eggs,meat,tuna)
    Complex Carbs: To give you energy and keep you full (oats,rice,potato)

    Dont forget
    Eat Big,Lift Big, Sleep Big

    Natural Bodybuilder

  2. Joe H said :

    run and do crunches as often as possible. And lay off the junk food you have a similar build to mine

  3. Dragon said :

    Hi Dear

    The most important thing is have a balanced diet.
    To loose weight you should be doing aerobic activities.
    To gain Muscle mass you should be doing weight training.
    “Spark” would be of help

  4. lisa t said :

    eat more protein


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