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Best diet for fat loss and muscle gain?

I’m looking for a diet which will help me lose around 10lb and gain muscle.
I am 5”7 female and 154lb. I am training to get a lean,yet slender body.

Please help me! I want something effective!
Thank you!

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4 Responses to “Best diet for fat loss and muscle gain?”

  1. Chris said :

    Change your life style (don’t diets), you’ll need to increase your activity (run, walk, ride a bike or skip down the road) anything that gets your heart rate up. Strength training (sit-ups, pull-ups, weights is you have them or can barrow them) even resistance training. Change the way you eat and what you eat. More vegetables (green). Lean meat chicken breast, fish or legume. High protein low fat. No diet drinks. NONE! They are bad for your health. You must make your body need it. Don’t decrease your intake to less than about 1200 – 1500 cal. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water. You could also try a body cleanse. Look for all natural body cleanse. I have my clients use one to start their weight loss program check the link below if you’re interested. It is a 30 day Isagenix cleanse. Excellent product Email me if you have any questions. Have a great day
    Chris Martin
    Health and Weight Loss counselor

  2. Charli said :

    Losing 1-2lbs a week is the best way to go. This way, you are losing mostly fat, rather than water and muscle. Faster weight loss is not better, nor is it sustainable.

    Diet should be what you look at first for weight loss- this is what will enable you to drop fat. Try a balanced diet made up of mostly natural whole foods, with high protein, moderate carbs and moderate fats.

    You need to know how many calories you burn- you can use an online calculator for a rough estimate. Aim for 10-20% calories fewer than you burn daily (too large a deficit will be counterproductive in the longer term).

    Don’t worry about complicated diets or cutting things out. You can enjoy anything in moderation, as long as the majority of your diet is healthy.

    Base your meals around:

    Lean protein (e.g. chicken, tuna, lean beef, fat-free cottage cheese, egg whites)
    Wholegrains (e.g. wholewheat bread, oats, bran cereals, rice)
    Healthy fats (e.g. nuts, seeds, olive oil, avocado, salmon, whole eggs, flaxseed)
    Fruit and veg

    And drink lots of water.

    Second in importance to diet, is heavy resistance training- this is what will allow you to preserve muscle so you look ‘toned’ and defined once you’ve dropped the fat (rather than just a smaller version of how you look now, with the same bits you’re unhappy with). More muscle also means a higher metabolism, so you definitely want to hold on to, or increase the muscle base you have, for fat loss.

    You need to work ALL your major muscle groups- you can’t spot reduce.

    Do this sort of training 3-4 times a week. A good place to start could be:
    -Three days a week doing full-body workouts. Leave at least a day between each workout.
    -OR four days a week alternating upper and lower body. Don’t work out more than two days in a row if possible.

    Then you can look at extras like cardio to help create a calorie deficit. But cardio is by far the least important of these three, and you can lose fat effectively without it.

    Make sure you’re getting at least one rest day a week with no exercise at all.

    Focus on losing inches/dress sizes rather than actual scale weight- it’s how slim you look that matters, not how little you weigh.

  3. Kathryn said :

    A good diet with the proper exercise should work wonders.

    Choose whole foods that are basically organic or raised without the use of hormones, pesticides, herbicides and other toxins.

    Eat grass-fed meats and free range poultry. Watch your sugar intake and avoid MSG.

    Learn how to make and use sprouted grains to replace refined grains in breads, etc.

    And stay away from oils that are too high in Omega 6 Fatty Acids!

    Good Luck,

  4. David said :

    I workout as much as possible, I found a good site that helps me out. There is a workout to follow and also will help you with your eating habits.

    Good Luck!


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