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what is the fastest way to loss fat and gain muscle at the same time?

im 5’7 and 170 need help getting muscle

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8 Responses to “what is the fastest way to loss fat and gain muscle at the same time?”

  1. DTDeuce said :

    work out, to lose fat do cardio workouts(biking running stair climbing) then do weight lifting to build muscle

  2. Woods said :

    I second DTDeuce.

  3. Tranland said :


  4. I L0ve u All... said :

    dancing, yoga or pilates, weights, crunches, push ups anything that requires muscle or effort to do will pretty much achieve this.
    hope i helped

  5. Asha said :

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  6. Mike A said :

    Weight training is acctually the fastest way to burn fat and gain muscle. You should start a good weight routine and cardio schedule. You should run at least 3 or 4 times a week and lift weight on your off days and sometimes on the days that you run. get some protein bars or powder from a gnc or somewhere and have a shake every time you lift weights to help heal your muscles and give them protein. Again, weight lifting burns more fat than people realize and cardio workouts like running or biking works wonders for loosing fat

  7. Arthur B said :

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  8. EDWIN G said :

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