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What is the best protein shake/meal replacement for fat loss and muscle gain for a 28 yr old 210 lb man?

I need to find a good protein shake/ meal replacement but when I go to the nutrition store I’m overwhelmed with the options and don’t trust advertisements. I’m just looking for something that doesn’t taste like dirt and is effective. I’m 28 yrs old, 210 lbs, and 6ft tall. Please help!

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6 Responses to “What is the best protein shake/meal replacement for fat loss and muscle gain for a 28 yr old 210 lb man?”

  1. silverbullet said :

    What’s the problem with eating a bit less regular food?

  2. hotrod28697 said :

    Sam’ club now sells EAS brand protein powder. It is good with juice. If you want more flavor then mix in some dry jello powder.
    Drink one first thing in the morning and before bed.
    To lose weight, no sugar no bread and no soft drinks.
    To build muscle. No cardio and lots of lifting 3 days a week.
    Lots of rest between lifting days.

  3. sirtitan45 said :

    Myoplex, Metrx, and Muscle Milk are my favorites. Metrx is the most economically affordable. Muscle milk is the most expensive. Stay away from the brands that advertise too much like Muscletech. The extra money you pay is just to pay the paycheck of the meatheads they have on their ads.

    If you want to be very economical about it. Buy things seperate. Buy Mega Mass 2000 which is mostly carbs, then buy a cheap whey protein like Designer whey, and then a blended protein with just egg and/or milk protein. This will come out cheaper. You just have to deal with the incovenience of opening 3 different things everytime you want to make a shake.

  4. Arevik85 said :

    try eating natural things, instead of taking a protein
    try to eat less fried food, and more boiled( I don’t mean eating more) also try eating vegetables instead of meat, and exercise more, as long as you’re sweating you are loosing a weigh.
    That’s how i loose weigh
    exercise, eat once a day (in the evening), and I loose two pounds each day.
    Also allot of protein have the ricotta/cottage cheese.

  5. murtuza k said :

    First i appreciate for this question. Plenty of members are will be used milk and other things of full fatty foods you don’t take any milk but every day you will be wake at 5 am and do light exercise dint try hard things and after the finishing of your exercise you take sum of a 10 minuets rest and take bath then take your brake fast of only two bananas and mixture of (badam, kaju, pista,akhrote) make powder of them and eat an a 2 table spoon powder with warm water.
    this procedure you fallow continuously 40 days then you see the result.

  6. mark s said :

    Have you looked into Isalean shakes?


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